Any science is known to be a hard subject. For some reason a ton of people believe that Chemistry is one of the hardest subjects. It will depend on what type of learner you are, when stating which type of science you specifically believe is the hardest. Chem 131 is known as an advanced chemistry, and here are some easy ways to ensure you pass the course!



1. Ensure that you attend all the lectures.

Although a lot of students tend to blow off classes that attendance is not taken mandatory, it is important to attend these lectures. Even if your professor does not take attendance, it will be very helpful to attend these lectures. While this course is both a lecture and lab course, adding up to 4 credits, participation in both sections is imperative. The lecture and lab is both separate and for lecture the information learned is what will be on quizzes and exams. This year there is also something called Learning Catalytics put in place, which have interactive questions and answers during the class period. Participating in Learning Catalytics will give extra points to your grade at the end of the semester, which is why actually attending the lecture is important!


2. Tutoring  

Attend the tutoring sessions once a week that are put in place. There is a student that in the past that took this course and got an A. She/ He holds sessions once a week to review what has been going on. An email at the beginning of the semester is sent out to see which day/ time works for most people. Then when this date is chosen, weekly reminder emails are sent out to attend the session! It is interactive and very question/ answer based. By attending these sessions that are smaller than a regular class, it is much easier to understand the information, and get your questions answered!


3. Go to the science tutoring center.

Monday – Thursday from 8am-5:30pm, there is free tutoring in Smith Hall floor 5. There are people hired to sit and wait for students to come ask questions. These tutoring sessions are even smaller groups, and depending on how busy it is, may even be one on one sessions. You can stay for as long or as short as you want, and ask any type of question from help on a lab report, a homework assignment, or a quiz/ exam coming up.


4. Attend the general sessions that come from the main tutoring center.

Every few weeks there are emails sent out that have a specific topic that will be discussed. These topics are based off of general topics that students struggle with. An example of one of these sessions from the beginning of the year was on sig figs. It went over the basics and focused specifically on this one topic, in order to have the students who attended fully understand.


5. Go to your professors office hours!

This is something extremely easy and shows your professor who you are and that you care. Unless you put the effort in to have your professors know who you are, you are just another name on an assignment. It is much better to have this interaction and introduction in the beginning of the semester rather than at the end when you need help. Your professors are required to hold these office hours, and they are just waiting for students to come ask them questions. Take advantage of what they are trying to give to you and help you with!

Overall, yes sciences can be hard. But there is so much help that is offered, and meant to take advantage of. Use everything that is out there to help you. Many people do fail science courses but there are even more students that pass them! Stay positive and you will pass the course!





Emily Bravman

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