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Many students are looking to take classes that fill requirements, do not have a lot of assignments, and is offered online! If you are looking for a class that fits these criteria, then Health 207 is the course for you. This is not a class that many students know of, and if they do know about it, they may not realize how easy it actually is.

1.  Fills Requirements 

At Towson, there are a list of core curriculum course that need to be completed. Health 207 is listed under core number 11 called United States as a Nation. While many people may not realize that this is a good class to take, they should not just go right past it because it is a 200 level course instead of 100. This also fills a requirement for anyone who is a Health Science major or minor. For the major it is a mandatory course while for the minor it is optional as it is listed among a few other courses that can be chosen. Finding a course that is easy, and also fills a requirement is a good course to take!

2. Not Many Assignments

Classes that have a light course load with easy assignments are always the courses that students do the best in.  For this course, every week there was a discussion blog to complete. There are assigned chapters weekly from a book with questions. It  was also interesting to comment on other people’s responses, since their opinions on the specific topic were shown. There was 3 online quizzes with a study guide was given out. This study guide has all of the information needed, and by looking at this study guide, you will be able to find all the answers and then use them for the quizzes. There was no final in the class, instead there is a research paper. While this paper did take a lot of time and effort, if you started early it is not too bad to complete. Professor Feld is overall an easy grader.


3. Online

Many students are afraid to take a course that do not meet in person. They are scared that they will forget to complete assignments, will not understand the tasks, and overall not have people to study with. All of these reasons are wrong! In fact, for this specific course, emails and postings were always sent out to remind students about assignments that were due. Also, the tasks are written up in detail and any question that any student has can be emailed to the professor, with a quick and speedy reply. The Powerpoints are posted for the discussions that go on during his in-person lectures, which is a different section. Taking this class online was one of the best decisions ever made!

4. Interesting 

A lot of times courses are easy but very boring. This course is both interesting and easy! The information taught in this course is constantly changing which allows you to learn new information. Since most of the information learned is about the ACA and Medicaid and how that relates to our society, the information is becoming more updated and new which allows the professors to teach up to date information.


Overall, this course is highly  recommended. It is an easy and a grade booster for your GPA. As long as you do all the easy assignments that are due on time, you will receive a good grade in the end of the semester! Taking this course online can allow you to do work with friends, and use your notes for any type of assignment.


Emily Bravman

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