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Greek life. Its something that many people want to be apart of. A social aspect of college is very important and being involved with greek life is an easy way in! There are many different sororities that are able to be joined, and knowing which one is right for you is important. There are some things however to consider before joining, ensuring that the right one is chosen!

1. Financial Cost

Many times the financial cost that comes along with the sorority is not thought about. It is important that it is discussed between you and your parents, about who will be paying these dues. When picking which sorority to join, it is important to look at how much it costs as the dues between sororities are all different. Also, some dues cover everything and they are more expensive upfront, while other sororities have a lesser cost upfront, but then the money adds up when things come up to pay for throughout the semester. Overall at Towson, the cost per semester to belong to greek life is averaged to 400 dollars.


2. Philanthropy

All sororities have a philanthropy that they support. This philanthropy can be a wide range of things that are supported. This philanthropy is public knowledge and can be looked up if you are curious about a specific sororities philanthropy. It is important that you support what the philanthropy specifically supports, as many events will be going on to support the specific philanthropy throughout your time in the chapter. Here at Towson, we have Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy being School and College Readiness while Zeta is Breast Cancer Awareness and then Tri Delta is all about children’s cancer. As seen, each philanthropy is different and supports a different cause.


3. Time Commitment

Know that joining a sorority is not just about partying on the weekends. While this is an important aspect that many people talk about, there is also many events that occur during the week and also some weekends. Events will come up that raise money for the philanthropy of the sorority, as well as helping out the community. This is a social part of your college experience, so the time needs to be balanced between sorority events and school work.


4. Executive Position

When picking the sorority that you want to join, it is important to think if you are joining the “coolest one” or are you joining something you actually feel comfortable in? Would you ever consider running for an executive position when you are looking into the specific chapter? Do you feel comfortable around the girls to be a leader within the group? While executive positions are not meant for everyone, it is something that will look very good on a resume. Holding an executive position does not mean that you need to run for President or Vice President, but all chapters have specific roles that are known to be leadership roles. Adding that you are in greek life to a resume is something that does look positive, but being able to say the you were involved in greek life as well as you held an executive position, this can look really positive to the resume reader.


5. Reputations

Every chapter whether it is good or bad, has some kind of reputation. A common way that people find out about these reputations is greekrank.com. This may not be the best and most trustworthy way. This website allows anyone to post about any one else. Someone may not like another chapter on campus and bash them on this website. Try and get all the information about the reputation of the sorority from all different sources, rather just one. Also know that once you are in that specific chapter, people will look at you and think all of these positive or negative reputations that you previously looked at and thought of for the chapter before joining. At Towson some common reputations is that Phi Sigma Sigma wears all black, Phi Mu is all blonde, Zeta is preppy, Aephi is all Jewish etc. While many of these reputations and stereotypes are not true, they are what people have heard and then repeat about each specific chapter.

6. Friend group

Look at what the people in the sorority are like before joining it. These are the girls that are going to be the people you are forever friends with. The girls that are going to be the bridesmaids in your wedding. Make sure that you know you will find the right group of people within the girls in the sorority!

Overall, being a sorority is something that is very positive and beneficial, but ensuring that you chose the right one is important. This is a life long commitment as you are a sister for life once you join.



Emily Bravman

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