Many times there are hidden secrets at schools that are all over the campus. Wouldn’t you want to know them? Especially if you attend the school!?  These “secrets” are very beneficial once you know about them. At Towson, there are many resources that are not taken advantage of to the fullest.

Tutoring Center

Academics is the most important part of school. A lot of subjects that need to be taken are extremely hard and students need help. Well did you know that instead of going out of your way to hire a tutor to help there are free tutoring centers located all around campus!? Depending on the subject, some subjects such as math and science have their own tutoring centers within the buildings of those subjects, and then there is a general tutoring center on the 5th floor of Cook Library. At the general tutoring center there are all subjects and an easy sign up online to register for these sessions. For the math and science tutoring centers they are just walk ins and they have tutors sitting all day waiting for students to answer their questions!


Career Center

A lot of students come into school undecided and do not know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Even after the first or second year when a major is declared, they still do not know what they want to do later on with this major that has been declared. Because of this there is a free career center. At this center, located in the York building, students are able to sign up for an appointment for any type of career related advising. People can have mock interviews, someone to help build a resume or Linked page, or even help look at potential jobs and internships that can be related to your major of choice. A lot of students do not take full advantage of this career center, why well in fact it can be extremely helpful to ones future after college!


Writing Center

The writing center is located in the Liberal Arts Building, 5th floor, all the way to the left. This is a great help to edit any type of assignment. They can help edit one paragraph essays all the way to 15-30 page research papers. A lot of the times it is good to have someone else, a different set of eyes, to read over your paper/ assignment. A lot of professors also give extra credit for getting your assignments edited at the writing center. All you need to do for this extra credit a lot of the time is obtain a “blue slip” signed by your writing center helper and this gives proof to your visit.  It is always good to have help with writing and editing especially if you are not a great writer!



Gym Classes

The freshman 15. It is something that is seriously real. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or even senior, not gaining weight in college is close to impossible. It is necessary to work out and try to work off all of the bad eating as well as the drunk eating that most college students seem to do. Towson offers a full list of work out classes for free. These classes range from all different types of classes from Zumba, to spin, to yoga, to bare, and so much more! Sometimes a gym class with an instructor will be more motivating than just trying to go to the gym on your own and get in a full workout. These FREE classes should defiantly be taken advantage of.



These resources are all on campus and free. They should be taken advantage of, as your tuition pays for them. Towson is a school that is lucky enough to have this all included in the tuition while many other schools these are extra charges. All in all, these resources are beneficial and helpful to academics or just daily life!


Emily Bravman

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