Choosing the right place to live is something extremely important. It is a choice that every college student and their families have to decide. Especially moving from on campus to off campus, the type of place you live is extremely different from the dorms. While there are many different places to live, there are a few apparent complexes that seem to be the best options at Towson.

Cardiff Hall Apartments

Cardiff is the first place that comes to mind when someone says housing at Towson. These apartments are both affordable and close to campus. They have different kinds of layouts to choose from, and the apartments can fit from 1 person up to 5, of course depending which type of layout is chosen. They have one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Each apartment is priced reasonably, and after it is split amongst the roommates should be about 650 per person/ month, with an additional charge for cable and whatever furnishings are brought. This apartment is right across the street from campus, and very close to uptown, which is the night life. This is most people’s main location and first choice, as people go on the waitlist over a year in advance to get one of these apartments in their own name.

Towson Place

Towson Place is another complex that immediately comes to mind when someone says Towson Apartments. This is on the complete opposite side location wise to where Cardiff is, but is also extremely close to campus. While Cardiff is on one side of campus, Towson place is right across the road on the other side. The benefit about Towson place is that the apartments come fully furnished. This is a benefit and a money saver, to not have to furnish the apartment yourself. These apartments can have one, two, or three residents living in them and are about $700 per person/ month. This is a great apartment to live in sophomore year, or whatever the year is that there is a transition from dorms to apartments. The apartments are not very big, however includes all necessary rooms and things inside that are needed. The furnishings and location are mainly what you pay for here at Towson Place.

University Village

Another great choice to live at would be University Village. This location is right behind campus and right next to West Village (dorms). While these apartments are a bit more pricy, about $1000/ month, each resident gets their own bedroom. Unlike the other apartments where it is necessary to share rooms, UV allows each individual to get their own bedroom which for sure is a plus. These apartments are not as newly renovated, however contain a common area for all residents to go that has both a gym and pool, great amenities to have in walking distance to your room.

Towson Run Apartments: Marshall/ Carroll

Marshall/ Caroll are great apartments that are located ON CAMPUS! These apartments still do contain an RA just like the dorms, so if your parents are worried about you moving off campus, you can both get what you want. These on campus apartments are in a great location, and allow each person living in them to have their own room. The size ranges from two bedrooms- four bedrooms in each apartment. These apartments are furnished and include all the amenities necessary.


Lastly, lambourne (lambo) is a great choice to live in. Out of all these apartments, this is the furthest one away from campus and driving is necessary. However, in these apartments, you are able to least anywhere from 3 months on to however long you need to be there for. This is extremely beneficial for people going abroad or graduating late/ early, so that subletting does not need to occur. There are many different layouts and sizes within the apartment ranging from 1 person to 5.


These are only some of the many apartments that are located around Towson University, being both on and off campus. Out of all of these apartments, something will strike everyone’s needs, and if not, there are still many apartment complexes that have not even been listed yet! Transitioning from the dorms to apartments is a big step, so considering all the factors of each apartment is important to do and consider. Towson has a great amount of options for everyone to be happy at.



Emily Bravman

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