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The freshman 15. It is something that is real and that happens at all schools. It is a total adjustment going from home cooked meals that are mainly healthy, to being on your own and wanting to eat what is fast/ easy and tastes good. The foods that you will chose to eat in college, especially freshman year as you are just adjusting to everything, will most likely be unhealthy. There are however ways to be healthy, but these ways need to be thought about before going into the year and getting wrapped up in all of the good unhealthy food. It is hard to not gain weight any year, but especially freshman year, but with some easy tips, you may be able to stay a healthy and desirable weight!

Attend the gym

Towson currently is building a new gym, and at the end of this month of January it will be open. This gym has been being built for years now, and it will be one of the nicest gyms compared to any other college. So take advantage of it!!!! Especially with the amount of eating that goes on in college, it is important to get in a workout to stay healthy and balance out the bad eating. There are free workout classes as well as different floors with different machines and types of weights that can freely be used. There is no excuse to say you do not have time. Cut out an hour of watching Netflix and hit the gym!!!


Do not drunk eat

All people do it, but be different and don’t. When the cheese fries, hot pizza, or sub from subway is calling your name at 2 am after being uptown, do not listen. Drunk eating is the worst kind of eating. In the morning you do not remember it, and cannot even appreciate the type of food that you have eaten. Cheat days are okay once in a while, and this is the time you can sober eat these horrible foods for your body. Drunk eating is bad as you do not have time to burn off any of the calories that have just been consumed.


Eat healthy at dinning hall

All of the years you attend Towson you are able to have some form of meal a meal plan. All freshman live on campus though, so are required to have a meal plan. With this meal plan comes a lot of choices for places to eat on campus. Dinning halls seem to be a popular choice as they are one swipe and then all you can eat. It is important to choose healthy foods though when you enter the dinning hall. Since its buffet style and all you can eat, it is important to go in with the mindset of exactly what you will eat. If you do not go in with this mindset, everything you see you will want to just try a little bit of. This is unhealthy and the calories and consumption of food starts to add up real quickly!!


Do not go to Newell Den

The Den seems to be most students favorite place on campus to eat. The type of food that is served here is unhealthy and greesy food. This type of food is extremely bad for you and contains lots of calories. These are the foods that will add to your potential weight gain. If you want to eat here though, it is important to go in and chose the healthy options. They have create your own wraps and salads on the opposite end of where the unhealthy food is. Make sure that if you are visiting the den, you stay on the more healthy side.


Walk to class

All buildings on campus are close to each other as are a lot of apartment complexes. Especially if it is nice out, walk to class instead of driving or taking the shuttle. While it might take you an extra 10-15 minutes, you will be able to see people you know as well as burn off some extra calories from whatever your last meal was. Towson has many hills and stairs around campus, and walking up these will add even more benefits that you will not even realize. It is much healthier and a way to not gain as much weight if you chose to walk to your classes. If you are done with classes for the day and have nothing to do, instead of sitting and watching TV eating some popcorn, go for a walk. It is a much healthier choice of what to do!


All in all, it is easy to not gain weight, but only if these key tips and steps are followed. Drunk eating is the most deadly thing to do as you do not care what you are eating when you are drunk. Just stay away in general from unhealthy foods. If your body never tried that really good and fattening desert, or pizza, or even the grilled cheese that seems like it is calling your name from the other side of the dinning hall, it will not be a problem. Once you start eating unhealthy it is hard to stop, so the goal is to never start. Sometimes eating unhealthy is okay, but balancing it out with exercise and healthy eating is sometimes really important too!



Emily Bravman

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