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Having a shuttle system is a great addition to Towson University. For many months of the year, it is cold and the shuttles are much warmer than walking outside. Also, some apartments or dorms are a bit of a far walk to get to class. The shuttles run throughout the day and nights. Not only is there on campus shuttles, but also off campus ones, that run all different routes around campus and around the Towson area. All you need is a one card to access the shuttles off campus, and nothing to get onto the on campus shuttles, so why not give them a try!

Black express shuttle

Thinking about rush hour anywhere is annoying. It is traffic and takes much longer to get where you need to go than it should. This happens around Towson too. Instead of there being too many cars on the road, which sometimes does happen and there is too many, there are too many people riding the shuttles. Having this Black express shuttle allows for more multiple stops on-campus. The shuttle operates Monday – Thursday mornings during peak hours. It allows for more people to be able to ride the shuttles so that they are not as packed. If you aren’t able to get onto the first one than you are able to get on the one that is coming moments after that one departs from the same stop.


On campus shuttle: Gold Route

There are 2 types of Gold Route shuttles. There is a shuttle that operates both Monday – Friday and then another gold route shuttle that operates on weekends. Although this gold route stops at the same places on the weekend vs the weekdays, on the weekdays it runs more frequently and has longer hours of operation. The shuttle runs all around the university stopping in front of class buildings such as Stephens hall and CLA and also stops at garages such as Glen and the Union. This on campus gold route also goes to housing places such as West Village Commons, Scarborough Hall, Marshall Hall and University village. There are also a few additional stops around campus that are made!


Off campus shuttle

This off campus shuttle has many different routes and depending on where you need to go will depend which shuttle you will take. There are off campus shuttles that are able to take you to other apartment complexes as well as strip malls and the regular Towson town mall, all on different shuttle lines. There are a lot of shopping places around Towson and the shuttle that goes to Goucher/ Loch Raven takes you to a strip mall that has every store you could imagine from Target to a Weiss to Walmart to Tjmaxx and more!! There is another shuttle that is called Tiger in Towsn the is able to take you uptown to where the bars are and the mall! Lastly, there is a shuttle route that takes you to where there is a party city, chipotle, supermarket, and more! Having the connivence of a shuttle is very important to have and extremely useful!


Baltimore College Towson

Going to a school that is right near by other schools is great. You can meet people that do not go to your school but are also college students. Also going to a school near a big city is great. The city of baltimore has lots to do and things to see. Wouldn’t it be great if there was transportation that was able to get you around to these other schools and into the city!? Well good thing that there is. The Baltimore College town Shuttle is a free shuttle that comes once and hour and stops at the union garage bus stop. It then has other stops at Loyola, Goucher, Johns Hopkins. There is also a pickup and drop off stop at the Towson town mall as well as the Baltimore Penn Station train.


The shuttle system is very helpful in regards to transportation at Towson. Freshman do not have their cars, unless they have some sort of reasoning and special permission/ parking permits and some upperclassman do not have their car at school for either the expense of it or any other valid reason. This is when the shuttle systems come into play! They can get you places both fast and for free. Operating both on campus and off campus are very helpful too. The shuttles have frequent time pick ups as many different shuttles are operating all at the same time. It is very helpful and easy to use the shuttles at Towson, so definitely try them out one day.


Emily Bravman

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