A popular course to take is Theater 101. It is an overall easy course and fills a core that does not have great class options in comparison to Theater 101. While this course is an acting class, it is very fun and a great way to meet people. Many people that take this class find friends that they end up having for the rest of college. This course teaches you to be yourself and get an A doing it. Here are some tips to make sure that you pass this course.

Practice Monologue

The monologue project is one of the biggest assignments in the course. It is required that you pick a monologue long enough but that is also not too difficult to memorize. The monologue must be completed without any script in front of you. The more you practice it, the easier it will be to perform it in the end. Once you are assigned this project, you should quickly find a monologue and get it approved by the professor and then start practicing it. This will make it much easier for you, rather than cramming it all in the end towards the due date.

Go to Professors Office Hours

In any class, having questions means you spend some extra time in your professor’s office hours. Although this course seems to be easy, there are a few tough assignments. By going to the professor’s office hours, you show that you care about getting a good grade. You can also discuss the pace you are at for completing the assignments and ensure that what you are practicing. This is sure to guarantee you a great grade. If you show your face to your professor, they will know that you care. Although these courses are in a smaller setting, it is still good to have a one on one connection with the professor who is also the person giving the grade out at at the end of the class.

Stay on Top of Assignments

It is important to stay on top of your assignments. While this is important for any class, it is very important for this theater class specifically. It is important to study out of class and look up the monologues ahead of time. Other assignments you may not be able to study out of class for, but it is important to know what is going to be going on that day. While some days are just watching other people perform, other days could be you in front of the class, and knowing which day things are going on is important.

Make Time to Work With Partner Outside of Class

A lot of assignments in this class are partner-based. The monologue is performed alone, but there are many scenes from scripts that are looked at and performed with a partner. While you might not know this partner, it is important to interact with them both in and out of class. A lot of practice goes into the performances and while there is time given in class, it is usually not enough time. The more  you prepare yourself out of class , the better you will be able to perform when the assignment is graded.

Go to Extra Credit Events

The class alone may give you a good enough grade, but there are extra credit assignments that can be completed to boost your grade even higher. There are shows that are put on by the theater student department. These shows are for extra credit to go and see. If you see one of these shows and write up what it was about/ answer some specific questions, you will get a bonus to add onto your grade. Looking up the schedule ahead of time is important, since these shows are aonly performed a limited amount of times.

All in all, this course is extremely easy. Many students cheose to take this to fulfill a core or just to make for extra credits. The professors are all fun and for the most part easy. While a few assignments change from professor to professor, the assignments are generally the same. You are able to learn a lot from the course. Lastly, the course is an interactive class and is going to be different from other courses. You’ll have more interactive assignments rather than writing and tests.


Emily Bravman

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