DANC 370 is a great class to take. It is a pilates class and does not fulfill any requirements (since this is a question many students ask). It is however, an upper level course for extra credits. This can be helpful if you are taking a hard load and do not want another hard course. Instead of taking 5 classes if you are registered for 4, you can add this 2 credit class on, since you pay the same amount for 4 or 5 classes. Although everyone complains about 8am’s, this is the only class that is worth taking at 8am. People always say that they are tired and cannot focus at that hour, but this course is actually able to wake you up!

Good Workout

This class is a great workout. You get to get credits for something that you would be doing at the gym in your free time. This class starts at 8am, which starts off your day the right way. It allows you to wake up and get your day going. The professor teaches you many different positions and movements that become more advanced as the class goes on. Sometimes you end up leaving class actually in a sweat.

Easy Professor

The professor is both easy and nice. She does not assign work and allows you rest when you do not feel well. She is a young woman that only teaches this one course and then goes to another job later on in the day. Since she is young and able to relate to college students. She understands that sometimes you need to miss class because you slept too late or just do not feel to well.

Not Many Assignments

Again, there are not many assignments. Before the class starts, you do a short writing assignment about what you want to learn throughout the class. Then, in the middle of the class around midterms, you explain some positions and movements that you have learned and how they help you. At the end, there is a final written assignment about what you had learned in the class. She allows you to submit this assignment early and then you do not even have to come into class on the date of the final, which is great! All of the assignments are given to you in the beginning of the semester and you can complete the assignments whenever you want.

Extra Credits

This course gives you extra credits that you will need to take in some sort of class. There are 120 credits that are necessary to graduate, while many majors only give around 50-60 for the major. Although there are some other classes that are necessary to take for core curriculums etc., there are still a few extra course that need to be taken. It is great that an easy class like this can be both a workout and give you credits towards graduation.

Upper Level Course

Although this course is extremely easy, it is a 300 level class. There are  a certain amount of upper level courses that need to be taken for graduation, and instead of taking a tough upper level course, this is one of the easiest classes in all of Towson that you could take! Since this is an easy course as well as an upper level course, it is a win-win to just take it. Even if you do not usually go to the gym, or do not enjoy working out, this course is a great additional workout that will allow you to burn some calories and force you to get in some extra exercise while also getting upper level credits for taking it.

All in all, DANCE 370 is a great addition in any semester. Some students even like it enough that they take it again. It is a small environment and sort of a low key class not many students know about. There is only one class taught each semester, so space is limited! If you feel as if you would want to do this class, keep it in mind for a semester that seems a little difficult and you need to add something easy on. This class is taught with a great professor in a great environment and under easy conditions! What is not to like and want about it?!


Emily Bravman

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