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Transitioning from high school to college is always a complicated process from the little things, like deciding where you are going to eat lunch, to the big ordeals, such as making an effort to not fail every class you are enrolled in. The tips mentioned in this article will help you succeed in all areas of college and will give you the opportunity to become your best self your freshman year. Here are 10 tips to survive freshman year at Towson University!

1. Meet People in Your Residence Hall

Towson is a big school on a small campus, and it may be overwhelming to try and find friends your first semester. For once, ignore everything your mom taught you about safety and strangers and leave your door open for a while to get to know people on your floor. You’re going to want to have some people (that you don’t have to sign in) to binge watch Netflix with on your lazy nights.

2. Make at Least One Friend in Each Class

This is the most helpful tip for those people who never go to class. Making a friend in your class gives you an accessible outlet to contact when you skip, (and friends will always share their notes with you). Don’t forget to grab their digits so you can study for your finals together to prevent each other from failing out.

3. Have Lots of Snacks in Your Dorm

Some days you are just going to be so lazy that you can’t even bring yourself to leave your bedroom. On these days, you are going to want to have enough snacks to last you through your hibernation period. Towson also closes almost all their food places at senior citizen time so you are going to want to have some late-night munchies.

4. Leave Your Dorm Occasionally

Don’t get too comfortable in your room, I love sleeping and watching Netflix in my dorm just as much as the next person, but you will get cabin fever if you stay in for too long. Towson is actually pretty on a nice day, and it’s relaxing and refreshing to catch some rays. So, leave your residence hall once in a while. 

5. Visit the Library Often

The library is the opposite of lame. Everyone and their mother visits Cook Library. It’s not weird or nerdy, and getting a group to go is even more fun. Plus, there is a Starbucks on the main floor that accepts meals after 4. You can’t pass up that opportunity.

6. Have a Planner

As much as people are convinced that they can remember everything they need for each of their classes, they can’t. You must write things down. Especially when you start getting involved in organizations on campus you are going to be a busy bee.

7. Keep Your Room Clean

You will thank me on those blurry nights when you walk on a clean floor into a clean bed. Enough said.

8. Refer to the Syllabus Often

Everything you need to know about the class is written in the syllabus. You do not want to be that student who annoys everyone in the class asking when things are due. This is also a chance to see what’s coming and get ahead on some of your assignments.  

9. Try to Stay Organized

Being organized is the only way to keep you sane when you are taking a ton of credits. Label your folders and notebooks to distinguish which classes supplies are for the right class. If it makes it easier bring your laptop everywhere. Just keep your classes in folders and save your assignments.  

10. Be Frugal!

This is the most important tip you can have during your first year at school. College is expensive and you are bound to spend way more than what you want to spend. Be aware of the purchases you are making. Don’t spend all your money on Order Up or Ubers. You will regret it the next morning.

Overall your freshman year is not awful. You will meet new people and become involved in so many great things to prepare for your future. Following the tips mentioned will help you avoid the worst parts about your freshman year to stop yourself from having a bad view about college for the next three years.


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