The reason that people go to the library is to get assignments done or study for some sort of exam. While in a way it can become a social activity, the main reasoning is to complete assignments that are giving out from your classes. It is important to go at times that work can actually be completed during. Different times of the day have different amounts of people, and knowing this information is very helpful.

Morning (8 am – 12 pm ) 

The morning is a great time to go to library. It is not usually too busy since this is a common time that people are in classes. While sometimes people will go before or after their classes, most people tend to not be in the library during the morning. You most likely will be able to spread out a large table because of the minimum amount of people that are there at the same time.


Afternoon (12 pm- 5 pm)

This also is a common time that students are studying in their classes. A lot of people do not like having morning classes because waking up early is a problem for them, so this is more of the time range of when they are scheduling classes. Because of this, there are again a lot less people in the library, however a significant more amount than the morning time frame. People are usually finishing up classes and heading over the library around this time. Unless students have night classes, by 5pm they are done with their classes and moving onto studying at the library for them. This is the time frame that will start to get a little busy. It is still possible to find seating on one of the 5 floors, but more people begin coming.


Evening ( 5 pm – 10 pm) 

From experience this seems like a time of the day that the library is most packed. Most people have finished their classes by now. People head over to the library right before or eating dinner which is in this evening time frame. Since people are done with classes generally, unless they have a specific night class, they are able to be free with their schedule and study in the library. Many group projects and meet ups for assignments occur during this time frame. The rooms that are able to be rented out on floor 2 for group studying are mostly occupied around these times as well as the quiet room and cubbies. This is also the time that Starbucks accepts meal swipes instead of just points, so many students tend to go to Starbucks around this time to get themselves something to eat or drink while working.

Night (10pm- 2 am)

This time frame seems to be a popular one too. People are done with classes by now so that is not a reason to not be in the library. Many people will be working and end up having a late night staying in the library. Group projects could be finishing up as well as individual assignments that have close due dates. A lot of cramming will happen for an assignment or exam that is due the next day and important to finish up that night.

Overnight (2 am – 8 am) 

This is a time frame that is not as popular. Many people are usually sleeping during these hours and all parts of the library are closed besides the 24 hour room during these hours. However, even this 24 hour room seems to stay pretty empty. While finals this may not be the case since people are staying late hours, it even then is not packed at all. This is for sure the least busy time out of any other hours during the day. If you are a very late night bird than this is a great time to get work done without many distractions since no one else will really be there at this time.


All in all it is good to know popular and not popular times at Cook Library. You then are able to decide the right time for you to go. While different floors have different amounts of people on them at different times, it is good to generally know popular and not popular times at the library. As seen, Over night is the emptiest and it seems that night time is the most packed. While during the morning and afternoon hours do have quite a few people, the library seems to be big enough to accommodate all people at these hours, and generally at all hours of the day even during busy times!


Emily Bravman

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