Towson offers many different styles of dorms for freshman to live in. While you are able to live on campus other years besides freshman year, most people chose to move off campus into apartments. At Towson you are not able to choose the apartment you want, but based off of surveys you fill out, the university places you closest to what you have requested. There is 3 different places that freshman students can live and these dorms are all very different.

Best: West Village 

The West Village apartments are the nicest ones to live in. Within West Village, there are 4 different dorms to live in. While they are all the same inside, they are known as Tubman, Paca, Douglass, and Barton. Douglass is mostly students that are in the honors college, while the other three are dorms that any student can request to live in. Douglass does have some students that live in it that are not in the honors college though. This set of dorms are all set up to be 2 students per room, once in a while tripled, but inside the room there is a bathroom. This is very convenient as this bathroom is clean and only used by you and your roommates. While there are some negatives to needing to clean the bathroom on your own, it is very good to not use a public bathroom that is much dirtier than your own bathroom. There is also a quad grass area between these four dorms as well as a dinning hall. The West Village Commons has a dinning hall as well as some chain restaurants on its first level that many students enjoy eating at. The West Village Commons also has ballrooms on upper floors as well as conference rooms that are used for various events. While the dinning and space of the Commons is not only for students that live here, it is very convenient to be located very close to the dorms. These dorms are not too far from campus, although it is about a half a mile walk to the buildings for classes. These dorms are the most expensive ones on campus and are lived in as per request, while the other dorms are randomly placed.


Okay: Towers

The Towers are set up to be the most normal living of students. There are four towers called Tower A, Tower B, Tower C, and Tower D. Each floor in the towers and in all the buildings are the same. This is where the most amount of students live since it is the largest space and the most rooms. These are all set up as a quad meaning that there are 2 rooms and a bathroom in between. While this is not just you and your roommate to a bathroom, it is you and your suite mates to sharing a bathroom. These rooms are usually doubled while there sometimes is tripling that occurs. The rooms are long rather than square, meaning that the beds are against the same wall. One bed is right by the door and then there is 2 desks in between and then another bed against that same wall. The closest are set up to be across from the beds. There is also a sink right in the room instead the bathroom which is very convenient for brushing teeth and washing up. There is a common room on every floor of the buildings as well as two kitchens on random floors of each building and then a laundry room on floor two of all the buildings. The Towers are not as nice as west village but are reasonably priced and the place that most freshman end up living in. These dorms are located right near campus and right across from the student union. The location of the Towers are very centrally located to the campus of where classes are. Also, in the middle of the 4 towers there is a dinning hall that is not as good as West Village, but a great place to get food and use up some meal swipes.


Worst: Scarborough / Prettyman 

The last set of freshman dorms are known as Scarborough and Prettyman. These dorms are the worst to live in, and because of this are discounted a little bit if this is where you are placed to live in. The negative aspects of these two dorms are that there is no air conditioning and there are hallway bathrooms. Both of these aspects to the dorm could be big game changers. Not having air means that there always has to be a fan blowing especially in warmer months, and sometimes even colder months. Having a hallway bathroom tends to get annoying as it seems to be much dirtier than having your own bathroom, although it is cleared multiple times a day. It also gets frustrating to have to always have to bring a key with you to unlock the floor bathrooms whenever you need to use the bathroom or shower, or even wash up for bed. While this is typical for freshman to do in the dorms at plenty of other schools, when comparing this living style to the other dorms that you are able to be placed in, these two factors are factors that negatively impact the experience of living here. However, people that live here love the community of it, and many people leave their doors open. For some reason, there seems to be many more girls placed in these dorms than boys. There is an all girl and all boy floor specifically placed in these dorms, and upon special request placements can be made for these specific floors. The location is very close to Newell dinning hall which is the best on camps as well as extremely close to the library and classroom buildings. These dorms are also very close to uptown which is great for the weekends or if you ever wanted to just go shop or look around in town.


All in all, there are three main sections of places to live in the dorms. While all of them have their pros, they also all have their cons in some way or another. You are able to request to live in West Village, but not able to specially request any other place to live. Sophomores that chose to stay on campus have the choice of where to live, and specifically in some cases specifically which floor of the building they would like to live. The dorms at Towson all are nice in comparison to other schools, and again all have their pros and cons to them. There is a specific dorm that will be able to fit everyone’s needs, and if for some reason you are placed in a one you do not like, you can always contact the University and try to get the living situation switched.


Emily Bravman

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