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A private page full of freshman, information, tips, and other stuff at Towson University!

1. A Way to Find New Roommates

Screw those dating sites, find your soulmates on the Towson 2020 page! The best dating site at Towson University. They say the people you meet in college are your forever friends, they aren’t wrong.

2. A Way to Introduce Yourself

First impressions are important, so writing the best bio is the perfect way to put yourself out there. Who doesn’t want to hear about your drive to do well in school while also being down to have a good time??

3. A Way to Find a Carpool Buddy

Not having a car on campus your first year is hard to get used to, but with the Facebook page, you can always find someone to ride with! It’s much cooler to roll up with a homie rather than your mom anyway.

4. A Way to Get Some Sick Ink Done

Don’t trust sketchy tattoo businesses these days, it’s much cheaper to get some random person on campus to tat you up. The Facebook page can lead you to the best artist for you.

5. A Way to Get Employment

From my past articles, we all know that college is extremely expensive. If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash check the Facebook page, you might find your dream profession. BTW I found this job on the Facebook page, no big deal.

6. A Way to Get Extra Help in Your Classes

We all struggle in classes sometimes, and in a big school like this it’s hard to find that one on one help. Use the Facebook page to find an awesome tutor and get studying.

7. A Way to Buy and Sell Your Stuff

It’s online shopping without shipping! We are all ballin on a budget and want the best things for cheap. The Facebook page is like a safe Craig’s List with broke college students, and what’s better than last minute concert tickets?  

8. A Way to Promote Your Business

“Started from the bottom now we here” as spoken by Drake, is applicable to all small businesses. The Facebook page is the perfect place to start your success story!

9. A Way to Get a Group of People’s Opinions on Your Watch

You can’t trust everyone’s opinion, but I’m sure someone on the Facebook page will be honest about the attractiveness of your watch design.

10. A Way to Recruit New Members for Your Club

All you need for a great club is a few people with the same interests. The Facebook page can get you there.

11. A Lost and Found

We all are a little careless sometimes and lose our most important possessions…in this case our One Card. Without this piece of plastic your freshman identity is completely gone. Thank goodness for our true Samaritans out there saving us from a tragic loss of $15 to purchase a new card.

12. A Way to Keep Tabs on Your Family Members

True brothers always look out for each other. Especially when their One Cards go missing.

13. A Way to Get a Student Section at Your Sporting Events

Some events get more spectators than others, but the Facebook page will always be there to support the athletes and give all teams a group of fans. Go Tigers!

14. A Way to Learn About Different Classes

Get the raw truth about Towson University’s courses on the Facebook Page, sometimes we all are a little skeptical of “Rate My Professor” because it seems full of self-ranks.

15. A Way to Get Everything You Missed from Skipping Class

We all love sleep, and skipping one class to sleep a little more won’t kill you. Although, you need to make sure you aren’t behind, so check the Facebook page to get your notes from the day!

Surprisingly, the Facebook page has even more uses than we could imagine. It’s a great way to interact with your peers and get the tips you need to get through the semester. Keep posting Towson we appreciate everything you do!


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