It is hard to pick a major. Especially when you have to keep in mind that whatever you pick is the type of job you will be working the rest of your life. The major you pick needs to be something you really enjoy. If you are unsure specifically about what you want, but enjoy exercise and working out, exercise science could be a great major for you! Towson has a great program for exercise science majors.

1. Variety of Classes

Exercise Science allows you to choose from a list of courses. The major has electives that are required to fulfill the program, however these electives can be chosen from a list. There are many options that you can choose from which is great because specifically what you want to do as your job, you can take those types of classes. For example, someone who wants to be an Athletic Trainer can take courses that involve this topic while people who want to be a Physical Therapist can take classes based off that topic. Being able to choose your classes allows you to also pick classes that can be taken with friends or people who are similarly interested in the same topics within the major.

2. Great Advisors

The advisors for this major are great. They respond to emails quickly and tell you which courses they believe you will and will not excel in. The advisors are also professors and this can allow you to take your advisor as your professor. By doing this you will already have a connection with your professor which is a great advantage on the other students in the class that do not already know the professor prior. The advisors in the field help you excel and lead you in the right direction.

3. Great Minors That Go Along With It

The Exercise Science Major alone on a resume looks great and will for sure find you a job, but having a minor alongside the major could be even more beneficial. Many minors go along with Exercise Science. There are minors at Towson such as Health Science which has very similar classes. The minor of Gerontology could also be very beneficial if you are looking to work with older people in the field. Depending on what you want to work as with the Exercise Science major, there will for sure be a minor that would look great right along side of it on a resume and for your own experience.


4. A lot of Internships

For any major Towson is in a great location to find jobs or internships. Being located right near Baltimore which is a major city, your options are able to be kept open. There are also a lot of hospitals located near by, and one even in walking distance! At the hospital, people in the Exercise Science field will be able to find many professions that relate well to what they are looking to do with their degree that they can shadow to learn more about or even possibly get an internship. The degree plan actually has a course that is one of the electives that can be chosen and is credit for an internship. Instead of taking another course, you can be lucky enough to have an internship which will be for experience as well as credit towards graduation!

5. Great Jobs after Graduation

Just like the internship, you can find great jobs after graduation. Many students that are in this field will choose to go to graduate school, but you also can easily find a job and not attend graduate school for specific occupations that can come out of the major. Baltimore being so close could be a great resource for finding a job, as well as the field overall is a growing field. Exercise Science has jobs such as nutrition, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training etc., all of which are always going to be necessary jobs and continuing to grow within the field. Exercise Science is becoming a much more popular field to go into as its rates for both salary and overall growth is constantly on the rise.


All in all, Exercise Science as a major offers many opportunities in the long run. While you can go to graduate school for a specific program within exercise science you also can choose to not go to graduate school and get many jobs with the bachelor’s degree of exercise science. There is many options of what jobs are open with this major and the field is continuously growing and becoming stronger. This field all in all is also a high paying field for both men and women. Lastly, Towson all together has a great program for people wanting to go into this field.



Emily Bravman

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