Any science is known to be a hard subject. For some reason word around Towson is that BIOL 190 is an extremely hard science and very difficult to pass. Once you are in the course you will see how many students actually are taking it as as second time. Bio 190 is known to be a Bio that is on the harder side and leaned more towards health professions. While anyone can take this course, you will find a lot of students that are in your other classes as well if you are in some type of health field at the university.

Office Hours

Going to office hours is an extremely important task to do as it will show that you genuinely care about the class. Having a connection with the professor will allow them to always give you the benefit of the doubt when something is questioned. Office hours can also actually be helpful as it will allow you to ask any questions that you did not get cleared up within the lecture. It is much better to be a face with a name rather than just another name in the pile of papers that they have to grade.


Study Groups

For any course a study group would be a great thing to participate in as it can have you interact with other students in the class. People might understand some of the information that you did not understand, as well as you being able to help other students with concepts they were not able to grasp as easily as you. BIO 190 has a lot of information for each exam, so studying ahead of time in a group would be a great way to stay on top of the content in the course. If you find a study group that you work well with these people could be in your lab group, or help you complete assignments that are just due for the course!


Tutoring Center

While Towson has a tutoring center for all subjects, there is a specific tutoring center in Smith Hall designated for all sciences. This is a great thing to take advantage of as student tutors are sitting in the room waiting for questions to come from struggling students. Even if you do not have specific questions, this is a great place to go for a review before an exam or even just to have someone check over a homework assignment. All of the resources that Towson has should be taken advantage of, and the Tutoring Center is something that can for sure be taken advantage of by all students!


Read Ahead

If you are able to read ahead and study the information that you will be learning that upcoming class, you will be hearing the information for a second time when it is taught. This information will already have been heard which will allow you to be learning it a second time.  This will stick the hard information into your brain and allow you to remember it when reviewing it for a third time after learning it. All of the information for this


Study After the Class What Was Just Learned

After attending a lecture it is important to study the information. If you stay on top of it, and study after the class as well as previous to the course than you will be able to have this be the third time you are learning the material. If you do not have a class or something to do after the class ends go sit in the library and reteach/ learn the information that was just taught. It is important to stay on top of the material as it builds up fast and the exams can be tough if you do not study along the way.


Overall, sciences will be hard. But there is so much help that is offered, and meant to take advantage of. Use everything that is out there to help you. Many people do fail science courses but there are even more students that pass them! Stay positive and you will pass the course if you are able to follow the tips that are listed in this post!




Emily Bravman

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