Towson University is diverse in its population with all different types of students. Whether you were raised reform all the way to orthodox, there will be groups of people who attend the university that are the same observance as you, that you are easily able to relate to. It might be overwhelming trying to fit in time to participate in Jewish activities with a full course load, but once you experience some of these ways to participate, you will easily be able to find time to continue to attend and stay involved. Whether your participation is frequently or infrequently it is important to know the different ways you are able to participate!


Most schools have a guy just like Efy, whether you know it or not. He is a Jewish man who has Shabbat dinners and allows you and your Jewish friends to come into his home for a nice home cooked Friday night meal. He also has a course that he teaches that allow students to learn more about being jewish and topics are discussed in this class such as holidays, families, and general information about being Jewish and what that truly means. A lot of students that go on birth right throw Towson chose to go with him as he has a program through Birth right that he takes his Towson college students on. Once you are on campus make sure you find Efy as he always sits in the Union doing work and is always up for having some conversation with Jewish students on campus.



Mostly every school also has a Hillel. This is an organization that is on campus that unites Jewish students together and helps build leadership skills.  Being apart of the organization will allow you to participate in the events they hold that are everything from community service, helping the need, sports games, dinners, and so much more. Through this organization you also can attend Birth right as this is the more official way to go on the trip through the school.



The Chabad at Towson is more religious when comparing it to the Hillel. The Chabad provides Judaism through living and learning to the students at the University. There are many activities that relate ritual, social activities and educational opportunities. There are also Shabbat and holiday dinners that are prepared for students that belong. These meals are prepared as a Kosher style meal. Overall this program is a non-profit organization.



Towson offers many clubs that are focused specifically for people who are Jewish as well as clubs that just many jews participate in. Specifically clubs that are majority for jewish people are known as  Chabad and Hillel. These two clubs were already discussed, but they are open for Jewish students that want to immerse themselves with other Jewish students. There are also some specific sororities and fraternities such as AEPHI and AEPI that are not solely Jewish but very heavily based Jewish.


Birth Right

Birth right is known as a particular right or privilege that all Jewish people have. This is an organized trip that goes to Israel for Jewish people aged 18-32. A lot of students chose to go on their trip in the years of college. Because of this, Towson offers the opportunity of students to travel to Israel through Chabbad, Hillel and Efy. If you decide to do this trip through Towson than you will be able to meet many other Jewish students that also attend the university and then this can further strengthen your involvement within the community.


Being Jewish at college doesn’t have to be a struggle for anyone once you are able to know how to stay connected. These are some of the many options that will allow you to stay involved and also have fun. You will be able to meet new people as well as do fun activities with your fellow Jewish friends. Towson University has many more ways as well that you will be able to stay involved with your faith of Judaism.





Emily Bravman

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