Towson is known to be very social and fun school. While it has great academics, it also has great social aspects. Many people feel as if being in greek life is the only way that you will be able to have social plans, but this is not the case! Towson has many different social aspects to it, even if you are not a part of greek life, you will easily be able to find social plans to part take in.

Bar School

While there are many schools that have fraternity houses, Towson has their parties at the bars in what is known as uptown. This means that all people tend to go out at the same bars and anyone that has an ID will be able to have access to these bars. Sometimes the bars are 18+ with a cover fee as well as just being 21+. Since these bars exist, you do not need to be a part of greek life to enter a party, as many other schools you need to be apart of greek life since it is fraternity houses where the parties are held. Towson being a bar school is very beneficial for people that are not apart of greek life!


Freshman Year

It is important to get the full freshman year experience, and at Towson, you are able to get this experience. The dorms are designed in a way where you become close with the people on your floor. There are also specific bars that mainly freshman go to, which will allow you to meet other people your age. Also, the great thing about Towson is that we do not rush until second semester, so all freshman are not yet in greek life. This will allow you freshman year to find a great group of friends, and this group may join greek life, but also may not. Since you are able to have these friends before rushing, if you decide not to join greek life, you will be able to have and keep this great group of friends that you made from Freshman year.


Open Pre-games

Cardiff is the place that pregames for uptown (the bars) tends to go on. A lot of greek life is on social probation meaning that the pregames that are held are open. This means that anyone is able to attend them. This not only means that people from other sororities and fraternities come, but anyone not in greek life is able to go too. While you may not have information about it, if you ask friends that are in greek life they will be able to tell you what is going on, where, and when.


Having Friends in Greek Life

While you specifically might not want to be apart of greek life, there are many people you may be friends with that are. Because of this, you still will be involved in greek life some way or another, even if you are not directly involved. You will socialize with many people that are in greek life and be able to hangout and make more friends through that. While having these friends that are participants, you will have more of a sense of what is going on that day/ week.



Being so close to Baltimore, there is always activities to do. The inner harbor is less than 20 minutes away and has great shopping, eating, and activities. People tend to go into the city with their friends during the day on weekends or even for dinners during the week. Having a city near by allows for a lot of activity to be going on. You are able to find anything from a good place to eat, a good show to see, even being able to possibly find some kind of internship with your friends since there are such big companies in the city.


All in all, Towson is a great school both academically and socially. Knowing what you are able to do besides greek life is very important because many people that are involved in greek life will make it seem like that is the only way to find social plans. While you will enjoy yourself and find the right chapter for yourself if you do join greek life, there are also so many other activities to participate in that are not fully greek life related. Towson has the Inner Harbor close by which can have countless amount of things to do such as eat, shop, go out, and more, as well as Towson being a bar school gives you an open entry to be with all other individuals that are in greek life as well as people that are not involved.


Emily Bravman

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