At Towson, there are many resources that are available and can help you greatly. Specifically some of these resources are for academic purposes and will be beneficial to your learning experience. At the Writing Center, which is located on the 5th floor of the Liberal Arts Building, there are many workers that are able to help you do so many different tasks with the assignments you bring in to them. Some of these examples will be resume building, grammar changes, research papers, or just a general editing help.


A resume is an extremely important document that will allow you to get future jobs. All the wording and how things are phrased on the resume matters. Bringing in a started resume and getting some advice is for sure helpful. The people at the writing center look at resumes all day long and are able to give you tips on how to change things around to make it formatted better.



Grammar is an important part of any assignment. Whether it is a long paper or just a short assignment, the grammar is important. Some times after we have read over assignments we do not pick up on mistakes that someone else reading it for a first time would be able to help change around. By changing around the assignment to ensure that you have correct grammar, if will ensure easily a better grade than turning in a an assignment with some mistakes.


3.Research Papers

Most classes will have some sort of paper, and a lot of the times it will be a research paper. These types of assignments will take a lot of time to complete and a lot of different steps to compete the full process of it. Along the way if you are able to go to the writing center, they will be able to help you with the outline and then the citations and then the formatting and then making it longer or shorter in the end. All the different components that make up the paper, someone at the writing center will be able to help you with.



Whether your assignment is to be completed in APA or MLA, there are always some confusing questions that arise. Most of us are not experts in citing, and will have many questions. These questions may be about how to format the citation in text correctly, or even within the works cited page. Even if you believe everything about the citations you have entered are correct, it is still helpful to have someone else read over them to ensure that all the formatting about them are indeed correct.



5.General Questions

Sometimes you may just want someone to read over an assignment of yours. It is good to always have an extra set of eyes look something over before turning it in and if you want someone that you do not know to read it, the writing center is the perfect place to go. You also may have a question about spelling or wording or overall grammar that can be answered by a professional that is working at the center. Whether your question is complicated or simple, it will be able to be answered.




All in all, the writing center is an extremely helpful resource that should be taken advantage of. It is best to make an appointment in order to guarantee that someone will be available to work with you. Usually, you can call the day before your desired appointment, but consider calling two to three days in advance during the semester’s busiest times. There are sometimes drop in appointments available but it is much more beneficial if you are able to call ahead of time!




Emily Bravman

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