Tufts University is located just outside of Boston, in the city of Somerville. Known for its diversity, Tufts is an eclectic group of students from all ends of the earth. On a normal day you could find students playing with dogs on the Prez lawn or enjoying the view of Boston from the garden roof. Don’t let this sunny façade fool you. In Tisch library you will find students stressing over the 10 Hardest Classes at Tufts University.

1. Physics 11 

Every aspiring engineer comes into Tufts with dreams of creating the next iRobot, but this class quickly weeds out the weak. Oh and the 20-page final will hit you in the face like a bowling ball.

2. CS 11


Unless you are in expert in dynamic memory allocation, button jamming and pass failing are probably your best chance at getting though C++.

3. Quantitative Econometrics EC 16


This is notoriously the hardest class in the econ department. If derivatives aren’t obscure enough, gear up for a modeling program called STATA. I hope you are familiar with the Mata computer language.  

4. Macroeconomics EC 12

Remember when the housing market crashed and no one could understand why?

5. Intensive Intermediate Chinese


Expect double the Chinese and triple the headache if you enroll in this class. It includes two semesters of content in one bundle!

6.  Calc 3 Math 42

This class is calculus on steroids. You are dealing with all abstract concepts that occur in dimensions beyond the third.

7. Organic Chemistry Chem 51/52

Mastering organic chemistry is dependent on learning a plethora of different chemical reactions, and not the variety Walter White would endorse.

8. Biochemistry 172 Advanced Biochemistry. 

This class is the pinnacle of the pre med classes. A stack of flash cards and an above average pre-med study buddy are essentials.

9. Chemistry 133 Quantum Mechanics

The only thing spooky about quantum mechanics is the distance your GPA fall after taking this class.

10.  Psych 1 Intro to Psychology  

Even for the brightest of students, this class will be a headache.  Obscure test questions will leave you wondering why we began to question who we are in the first place.


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