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What Major should I Take?

If you’re an incoming freshman, a prospective student, or a high school student, chances are that you are thinking of a major to pursue. As days pass and technologies progress there will be a couple of industries that really stand out. One of them is the tech industry. As robots continue to take human jobs why not be behind the creation of the robots to secure your place. Ultimately, there are three key factors in deciding your major!

1. Job Employment

As the human population increases, securing a high-paying job will become more and more difficult. According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the job growth of Computer Science is higher than average at 17%. There are many jobs open for Computer Science and the Tech industry as well. Of course, you shouldn’t solely choose your major just because of the job growth.

2. Flexibility of Major

With many majors, you are confined to a certain field. Whether it be in Business or Liberal Arts, there is not much more you can do. With a Computer Science Degree, you can branch off to other topics such as Mathematics or Data Science. This makes Computer Science a very flexible degree making job searches even easier.

3. Be apart of the Future

There is no doubt that the future is all technology. As a Computer Science student, you will be directly working with the software of computers and electronics. You could be working on the next Facebook or maybe even the new Google. The is no limit to this Field. Even though it is a very fast paced and a constantly changing field, it is one of the best ones to get involved with.


1. Work Ethic

If you thought you could slack the next four years of college, oh boy you’re in for a ride! The work ethic has to be there. With hours of time behind the computer you need to make time for exercising, socializing, and.. well being human.

2. Constantly Changing Field

Have you ever seen the meme where it talks about graduating with a degree but all the employers are looking for 10 years of experience… well yeah, this is it.

You need to be on top of everything. It is a very competitive field but it can be VERY rewarding. Working at one of the big tech companies, or even working at a startup can feel really good.

3. You have to fall in love with Computers

I’m not talking about your Social Media and Email checking. You have to start loving how computers work and processing data. I recommend checking out free online resources like codeacedemy or videos on YouTube. If the things are interesting then you might be on to something…

Ultimately, you need to love what you do because if you don’t work will feel like a prison.


Vishwas Shukla

University Of California, Riverside. Computer Science Student. Loves to read, write, and go on adventures.

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