So you want a 4.0 in college?

Okay, who doesn’t? There are 5 main things you need to do to succeed in this plan. Now, it may not be easy but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

1. Know Your Competition

Most college classes run on a curve system. This means you are directly being compared to the rest of your class. In more competitive classes such as Math or Science, the curves get pretty crazy. A 60 in the Physics Final could mean you get an A in the class in some cases. Ultimately, the college that you go to really does matter. For example, if you go to an Ivy League School, such as Harvard, chances of getting that A just got harder because you are being directly compared to the people around you!

2. Use Office Hours and Discussions!

We all have those unnecessary discussion classes, but they can be pretty useful! Each teacher has a designated time to address student’s questions or concerns about a class. USE IT! I have seen so many people complain about their grades but they themselves do not put in the time nor effort to succeed. You have resources, just be sure to use them!


I cannot stress this point enough! The organization of classes is essential not only to get better grades but prevents unnecessary stress. You need folders and notebooks for every class or an accordion style folder. Time management ties

Time management ties into this as well. As a college student, you will have many free hours. The way you use those hours is up to you but if you want to maximize your chance of getting that 4.0, you might want to skip on that party and study for your midterms… just saying!

4. Excercise/Stress Reliever

This is the one you probably did not expect. The reason this made it on the list is that you need to find a way to cope with your stress. In higher education, you are bound to feel fatigued and stressed out. There is nothing better in this world than getting your blood pumping and feeling great after a workout. If you do not find this useful, think of a better way to cope with stress. It can be playing the piano or doing some yoga. Whatever it may be, just find it. If you don’t you might end up resorting to things that can potentially harm you like alcohol.

5. Commitment

If you’re anything like me, you get excited about a certain topic and then two weeks like you don’t want to even talk about it. This is the exact same mentality that will kill the chances of getting that high GPA. You have to work hard and play hard.

That’s it. With these 5 steps, you are bound for great things. But remember, college is not ALL about that high GPA. College is about memories, laughter, and having a good time.


Vishwas Shukla

University Of California, Riverside. Computer Science Student. Loves to read, write, and go on adventures.

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