What parents worry about when their kids go to college

Their baby-no-more is off to college, and while you are beyond excited, they are absolutely terrified. They’re now a bystander to their child’s life, hoping they’ve done enough to prepare you to overcome everything they fear you’ll struggle with.

  1. That you’ll never call

They’ve most likely heard your voice almost every day since the day you started talking. Now you’re on your own and you probably won’t think twice about talking to your parents on the regular. But just remember that they’re probably at home wishing you’d call.

  1. That they didn’t prepare you for the real world

They’ve had 18 years to prepare you to be an “adult”. But now they’re wording they might have missed some things, and can’t do anymore teaching.

  1. You won’t know how to do your own laundry

And you’ll quickly regret not trying this out at home, because now you look ridiculous while trying, and so do your clothes.

  1. You’ll starve

They worry that you won’t be able to provide yourself with basic needs because you’ve never ever had to feed yourself, not even once.

  1. They can no longer control what you do

Despite fearing for your health and safety, this might stem from the fact that they still want to be able to tell you what time to be home at night, and where you can and can’t go.

  1. Three words: alcohol, drugs, sex

Ah, a parent’s biggest fear. The three things they do everything in their power to keep you away from in high school. But now you’re in a place where these things tend to thrive, and they’re far far away from keeping you from them.

  1. You won’t graduate

How much money went down the drain for the degree? How will you get a job? Will you be homeless? Will you sell drugs? Will you become a stripper? Wil you live at home forever? Those are some of the irrational fears of parents who think their kids will only be successful if they get that degree.

  1. You’ll get involved with the “wrong people”

They can’t get nosey and find out about everyone at school anymore. Who’s a good idea, who’s a bad idea? They can’t give you advice on who gives off bad vibes. They have to hope you have good instincts, which makes them feel any worse.

  1. You’ll get lonely

What if their baby can’t make friends? What if people are mean? What if you’re by yourself forever?

  1. How much they’ll miss you

Whether you knew it or not, you were their closest friend. And now you’re gone, and there’s an empty space at home, and there was nothing they could have done to prepare for this loneliness. All they can hope is that you’ll come home for breaks and call every once in a while.


Sydney Hineline

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