Last minute packing tips summer camp

There’s a lot that goes into getting ready to go to college. The biggest thing, however is packing. You’re moving somewhere else where you will stay 24/7 until summer. So here are 5 tips that I found helpful when I was packing to head off to school.

Tip 1: Reusable storage containers are your friends

When packing up your room, remember a lot of things aren’t going to be able to be constantly on display. You’re going to need a way to have all the stuff you want to bring, but not all over the place. Storage containers, especially see-through ones you can buy at Target are super helpful. With these, you can see most of what’s in the box without having to rifle through it. Along with giving you an inside look, these reusable storage containers are prettier than brown cardboard boxes in your room.

Tip 2: You will be home!

When you’re getting all of your stuff packed up, remember you are going to be home in a few months for break. You do not need to pack up all of your room, take what you need and what you’ll use. You won’t need all of your summer clothes because it is call Fall quarter/semester. I know personally there’s always the little voice saying “You might need that” but 90% of the time, you won’t and if you do, someone probably ended up bringing it, or your local store will have it for you.

Tip 3: Reusable bags are an immense help.

Boxes and storage containers are nice for packing stuff because they’re bigger, but they are bigger, which means they’ll end up taking up more space in the car on the way to move in day. They’re also a pain to carry especially if you’re not located on the first floor of your dorm. Resuable bags, like the fabric bags can be a great help when you’re packing up stuff like hair ties, and small, non-spillable knick knacks.

Tip 4: It’s okay if you forget something

You can’t always remember everything, but if you forget something, someone on campus might have what you’re looking for (a spare charger or something) and worst comes to worst you can call home and ask them to mail it to you. I mean, who doesn’t love mail? Especially packages! Your daily stuff you won’t forget (wallet, phone, clothes, etc) but if you forget a stuffed animal or spare charger, you can always have that shipped.

Tip 5: Condense as much as you can

Don’t pack half empty boxes. Mix your makeup with your clothes if you have to, you’re going to unpack it all once you get to campus anyways so why can’t you mix if for the ride to campus? Half empty boxes means more boxes, more to carry, and more steps.


Mia Mahzouf

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