An introvert is typically someone who gets their energy from being alone. This doesn’t mean someone is shy or quiet, it just means they “refuel” by being away from large groups, while extroverts get that energy from others. Introverts are not anti-social, and there is a huge spectrum when it comes to being introverted. Here are some of the challenges and experiences of being an introvert in college.

Having a roommate is EXTRA hard

Everyone struggles with roommate problems freshman year. But for introverts, it can be so much worse. No personal space? No time alone? No room to yourself? How does a person live?

You’re happy when plans fall through

You didn’t have the time or energy for that tonight anyways.

You don’t know what FOMO feels like

Fear of missing out? More like a fear of getting dragged to a social outing when you could have spent it in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Trying to fit in time for the people around you is exhausting

You love your friends, but your “me time” is sooo essential. Sometimes having too many friends to commit time to is too much.

Your friends don’t always understand you

And sometimes you don’t understand them either!

You’re the weird one who doesn’t party

And you struggle to explain to your extroverted friends that you’re just not interested in the same things they are.

Group projects are your worst nightmare

Being forced to hangout with people you don’t know outside of class, doing things you could easily do and would rather do alone?

Even though you like being alone, you still get lonely

Just because someone is introverted doesn’t mean they don’t need or like social interactions. Sometimes its hard to find that good balance that really makes your whole self happy.

College helps you get out of your comfort zone

Just as extroverts learn how to be on their own in college, introverts get pushed into large social events constantly. While too much can be a challenge, it’s nice to be forced out of your comfort zone; because you can’t hangout by yourself forever.

The relationships that you do have are very strong

You tend to be more selective with friends, so the ones you have are incredibly significant to you. These few essential relationships with the people that truly understand you will be the ones that last a lifetime.

Your transition to college is easier AND harder at the same time

As someone who thrives by themselves, you easily adapted to being self-motivated in school. You had no problems studying alone, eating alone, or spending a Friday night alone. But you struggled to find that crowd that you felt welcome in, and that definitely made the transition harder.

Sydney Hineline

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