I want to go to college, but I don’t know what career or major to be?

People would usually tell you “pick something you’re passionate about or do something you enjoy”. I say that is not the best route. You do not have to be passionate about your major or career, you just need to be passionate at what you do. To truly succeed in this competitive and blessed world, you need to be the god dam best at what you do. No matter if you’re the best secretary or cleaner, if you do it well, you can succeed. Anyone can clean rooms and manage other people’s schedules. However, if you are the best of the best at either cleaning rooms or being a secretary then you will get the highest salary and benefits. Do not settle to be average or even close to average. Strive to the top of the pyramid because that’s when you truly shine.

Stay in School

The fact that you are reading this is already a strong indication of your interest in education. There is a good reason to why school is FREE for the first 12 years of our youth-hood. Simply because each person needs a decent academic basis to live in the world. Building common sense essentially. Some kids do not take it seriously and some do, which is completely fine. However, once you start to graduate from High school, the real journey begins. Colleges and Universities are going to cost tons of money. In fact, student loans are one of the highest amount of loans in today’s society. However, education goes a LONG WAY.

Attend Undergraduate School: College

I am talking about an actual University not some cheap community college. Yes, it may cost thousands of dollars each year and you might end up crying in student loans, but hey; in order to make money you must SPEND MONEY. The difference between an education is working at McDonald’s or having a comfortable job. You could be driving your dream car, living in a mansion or you can barely get by with minimum wage slowly increasing. The choice is yours. An educational degree goes an extremely long way, but it sure costs a hell of a price to obtain one. Proving nothing worthwhile comes easy.

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What Do I Do Now?

If you want to live a successful and comfortable life, you begin by taking either two options:

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1. Get the best education you can get

Get your high school diploma, attend undergraduate school. If those are too easy for you go to graduate school. Take your license and certificate tests for your career path.

2. Find a way to become the best at what you do

Start by doing research and reading books. Becoming the best is never easy, but it sure is rewarding. The path to success is no straight road. There will be numerous bumps, detours, and challenges along the way. Though, I am confident you are going to do whatever it takes (within moral bounds of course) to pursue your dreams.


Andy Xiang

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