Moving out of your home can be difficult. Lucky for you, we have our top 5 tips for making your first week of college a memorable experience.

  1. Explore campus


The first week of school is your chance to venture out onto your campus and get comfortable for where you will be for the next 4 years most likely. Take this time to locate your classes and find key areas that may be of use to you such as food joints and libraries.

2. Be social

Get to know your roommate, hallmates, and anyone in your building. Its a good idea to walk around to each room the first night and introduce yourself. Being social is good for your academic well being and personal health and success for the upcoming school year.

3. Become good friends with your RA

Your Resident Advisor (RA) is a very important person to get to know. Be reminded that yes, they are students too, so they are usually approachable and understanding of any concerns you may have. During welcome week, get to know them as they may become a good resource to you throughout the year.

4. Stay organized

Once you get your room in order, keep it that way. Its very easy to become messy and the first week is not the time to develop bad habits. A good tip is to create an agreement with your roommates to ensure that your room stays organized. When your dorm isn’t messy, it helps your mind when it comes to studying and good academic standing.

5. Remember: you don’t have to be best friends with your roomie

Lots of students forget that just because they are your roommate, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to become buddies. My tip to you is to be friends with your roommate, and discuss about personal space and any accommodations either of you may need to be comfortable. They most probably haven’t shared a room with someone else before either, so just remember that they understand where you are coming from too.



Mina Vazirian

Hey y'all I'm Mina, a current first-year student at the University of California Riverside! I was a Media and Cultural Studies major, but I have switched over to Theatre, Film, and Digital Production to pursue a career as a film producer.

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