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Leaving your pet(s) when you go to college can be one of the things you miss the most from home. My university allows students to have “therapy” animals. Although, I just snuck my cat into my dorm. I am not saying you should break the rules, but if you are able to get a pet I highly recommend it and here’s why:


Whether you are 20 minutes from home or 10 hours away, you are going to miss home sometimes. Pets are not the same as your parents and siblings but they are pretty close. I miss my dog more than I miss any other family member. Having them with you when you are away from home can really make the adjustment a lot easier.


You are going to get stressed out a lot at college. Whether you just failed a test or have to stay up until 3 am doing homework, having your pet can take away a lot of that stress. I know that when I need to take a break from homework I love to just relax or lie down and cuddle with my cat. Animals are known to be great stress relievers, especially cats. Having an animal definitely helps you to not stress eat or do other harmful stress things to your body.


Although throughout your college years you will be learning a lot of responsibility, having an animal is one of the best responsibilities. Sometimes having an animal can be a lot of work and can be a little stressful at times, but it is all worth it. You will have to care for the pet all by yourself instead of having your family helping you out. You should think of having your pet more as a reward than a responsibility.


I absolutely love coming back from class or going out and having my cat greet me as soon as I walk in the door. There is nothing like the moment when you come home and you and your pet are both so happy because you missed each other. If you do not have an animal, it makes coming back to your place that much more boring. If you are staying in a night or all your friends are busy you always have an animal that loves you to keep you company.

Cats VS. Dogs

“Dogs are a man’s best friend”, everyone has heard those words before. Dogs can be 10x more work than cats. For instance, you have to take dogs outside to go to the bathroom and they need walks daily. Also, it can be quite a disturbance (if you are in a dorm) to your neighbors if the dog barks a lot. Cats do not need much. They usually sleep all day and you have to feed them and change their litter. While a dog requires a lot of attention, (most) cats do not even need any attention as long as they are taken care of. Cats can shed a lot which should be cleaned up, but dogs are also more likely to have accidents inside than a cat. Both are great companions and friends to have, just make sure you can handle the responsibility.


Gina Emricko

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