A lot of freshman and even upperclassmen tend to overpack when leaving for college. You do not wanna do this because you will not have enough room for all of it and you will have to bring it all back home. Here’s what not to bring:

1. lamp-A lamp would take up too much space and is not necessary with the light you already have.

2. furniture-There is enough furniture provided in your dorm. There would be no space for any additional furniture.

3. candles- Candles are usually not allowed in dorm rooms and they can cause a fire if left burning. They will also make the fire alarms go off.

4. extra bedding-There is no need for additional bedding with what you are provided and you are not allowed to own any additional bedding.

5. pots and pans- There will not be a stove or oven in your room so there will be no need for pots and pans.

6. toasters- Toasters are not allowed in dorms and you would probably never even use a toaster. They also provide them for toast in dining halls for breakfast.

7. iron- Irons may set off your fire alarm and there will probably be no excess room to iron your clothes.

8. fancy clothes-You will never need fancy clothes unless for a presentation or interview. You will probably wear the same t-shirts every week.

9. excessive decorations- A few decorations are okay but too much will make your room messy.

10. high heels-You will never ever need high heels unless you like to dress up a lot for parties but I suggest not doing that.

11. dress shoes-You will never need dress shoes for anything.

12. your entire wardrobe-Bring clothes you will need and like to wear. You have very limited closet space so you will not need to bring clothes you will never wear.

13. books-Books are fun to read but will all your homework and reading assignments you will never have time to read books for fun.

14. Duplicate items- If you have a printer you do not need another one. You need to make the most of your little space so bringing duplicate items are not a good idea.

15. twinkle lights- Twinkle lights are also not allowed and start a fire easily in a dorm room.

16. toolbox- There are maintenance guys that will fix anything for you when you call.

17. an excessive amount of dishware- You will probably not being making/ eating food in your room a lot. Only a few plates and bowls are necessary to bring.

18. car- Most campuses will have buses that will take you places. You will have to pay hundreds of dollars to keep your car on campus so you should save your money and take the bus.

19. anything your roommate already has- Your roommates will be sharing a lot of items so do not bring stuff they choose to bring. Ex. coffee pot, fridge, shower curtain, etc.

20. valuables- Leave your valuables at home. They can get stolen a lot easier at school and you will not need them for anything.

21. big stereos/speakers-These will take up way too much space and if you do use them your neighbors will most likely complain about the noise.

22. high school yearbooks-If you bring your yearbooks there is a chance you will never even look at them. Keep them at home!

23. prohibited/banned items- Do not bring banned items because if you get caught they will be taken away. If you do decide to bring something just make sure it is hidden.


Gina Emricko

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