How to Make The Most Out of Your College Experience

Most people think that college is all about the partying. Truth is, that is far from what college is for. There are so many ways to have fun in college. If you are a shy person, you should learn how to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. College is supposed to be the many great years of your life, but it is all up to how you make it.

Colleges will usually have a lot of activities, clubs, and sports. You should go to these events, introduce yourself and make friends. If you like any of the clubs or sports or even think you would be interested in it, then just sign up. Do not be afraid to get out there. You are in the real world now and you must fend for yourself so do not be scared of anything.

Talk to people in your classes. Get their numbers. The worst thing that can happen to you is someone says no. On my first day of classes, some professors made us exchange names and numbers with people sitting around us in case we should miss a class. If your classes are huge, it is likely you will not know anyone and may never know anyone in that class. But it will help you out so much if you can ask a fellow student what you missed and get notes, etc. Professors do not like when you miss class and really do not help as much unless you missed class for a serious excuse.

Never say no to your friends or fun times. I have heard so many college graduates tell me to never say no because you never know what fun you will miss out on. College is a great experience. You should make the most of it by having as much fun as you can. If your friends ask you to go out to eat at midnight go with them, even if you have a class at 8am. Most nights my friends and I stay up playing card games, even when I have class early in the morning and should be sleeping. I do not wanna miss out on the fun and the bonding time with them. If you are sick or tired, still do not miss out!

You will make friends in college that will last a lifetime. Best friends in high school that you had will not matter anymore. You do not realize how close you can get with someone when you start living with them. Like living with your family, they become family too. I have only been in college for a month and my two best friends now are the best friends I have ever had in my lifetime.

Try new things. As I said above, get out of your comfort zone! You have never been to a party before? Go to one and see if you like it. If you hated it you never have to go back again. A cute guy in your class asks you to hang out or go on a date, say yes! The only things you should say no to are drugs and other dangerous things. College is going to go by so quickly just as your high school years did. In college, you are open to so many new things and you are free to make your own decisions.

try not to go home every weekend. There are breaks for you to spend time with your family. If you really are homesick or need to see your family then go see them. Otherwise, stay right where you are and enjoy it. Always finish your homework and go to class. Try to do your homework before you go make plans, if not do it after. My friends and I have just as much fun studying together when we need to. If you need to skip a class to catch up on sleep or rest because you are sick it is okay. Just make sure your work is done and your grades are good.

Do not get too caught up with the partying and being with friends all the time that you will get bad grades and skip class all the time. Education always comes first. Social life can be just as important though. Find your way to balance both and make it happen. Never say no to your friends just because you are too tired to go it. Trust me, you will not regret it. Make the most of your college experience because in 4 years it will be all over. Do not be a person who wishes they could go back and went out with their friends instead of staying in. Don’t be afraid of making new experiences. It is a fun time!

You should always take upon free tutoring opportunities to make sure you are prepared for upcoming exams. Tutoring will help you out so much. Always do extra credit! So many teachers will offer extra credit for doing things on campus. Go to lectures and seminars that your campus offers. You can truly learn so much from them. Talk to professors if you need help. Take advantage of their office hours and talk to them before or after class. Your professors will like you so much if you talk to them and get to know them. Talk to them so much they learn your name. It was stupid in high school to be a teacher’s pet, but I highly encourage it in college. Your professors will help you out so much more if you know them.

Most colleges will offer a free gym to students. Take advantage of it! Excersing in college will help take the stress off of you when you need it. It can be hard to eat well, also so exercising can help this out. The food at college can be pretty gross sometimes. I advise you to plan out your meals so you are not eating unhealthy. You do not want to gain the “Freshman 15.” If you are gaining weight, you may become unhealthy and you are going to have more stress put on yourself. You may also be unhappy and because of this.


Gina Emricko

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