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Life in college is a time for self discovery and learning. It is crucial to maintain health and fitness in this critical time of your youth. Here are some ways to keep fit!

1- Manage your stress!

One of the major causes of poor health is stress. Stress in many previous studies has been associated with health problems. To stay in shape and keep your health on track, managing stress is necessary: you can do that by organizing your time and not over flooding yourself with work. Breathe!

2- sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in body restoration and it allows your brain cells to have the rest they need. Sleeping is also a secret to beauty, weight loss and aging gracefully according to studies! It is very important that you feel that your body has had the time to be energized when you wake up in the morning. This helps you stay fit!

3- exercise but not to the point of exhaustion!

There are lots of misconceptions about fitness: it doesn’t only include being skinny and exercising heavily. It is very important to exercise but not to the point where your body is all worked up and can’t function well afterwards. In order for your body to absorb the benefits of any sport, there needs to be a period of restoration after the intense workout so that cells and muscles repair. stay active in any way, shape or form that suits you and that doesn’t put you in distress!

4- eat well: what does that mean?

Eating well does not mean surviving on leaves. Eating well is when your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. If you notice that certain types of food make you drowsy , then opt for foods that keep your body feeling strong. Whole foods, fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds are all important for the vitamins you need.

5- take care of your mental health

Mental health plays a very important role in fitness. When our mental resources are low, our health and body suffers. For that, it is good to take care of your mental and emotional balance to stay fit, strong and on task. take mental health days, give yourself time to be up to speed, and be kind to yourself!

6- do relaxing activities

Staying fit is not about being active 24/7. As the ancient greeks and romans pointed out , secrets to happiness and fitness lie in doing things you enjoy and relax. Way to go Aristippus! take walks in the park, catch up with an old friend, play some games or get out your coloring book!

7- take active breaks

Neuroscience pointed out the miracles of active breaks. Even when you think you are doing nothing, you actually are because your brain is processing all the amount of information it needs to get you going. Taking active breaks involve breaks that get your mind away from studying but that don’t exhaust your energy levels: they restore it. For example, listening to some music or taking a “thinking” walk while you think about an outline for your next paper.

8- socialize

Old human civilizations have unlocked some of the secrets to fitness and longevity. Have friends! engaging in conversations with people we care about is vital for our health. go to the student lounge and talk to your buddies about your plans for the weekend, get in a study group and discuss bog questions, or join a reading club!

9- schedule active time

When you are a student and your schedule is always hectic, it is good to find time to stay active or get a good amount of rest. Schedule your breaks on your google calendar or put some alarms that help you keep your balance goals. this helps with keeping you on track and getting you to not forget that you deserve to take care of yourself!

10-  love yourself

Love and compassion are great ingredients for fitness. Fitness does not include one body shape or one size. Every body can be fit different in its own way and loving yourself for the way you look is a great start to fitness. Don’t wait until you lose the next 10, or 50 pounds because love has no weight! More love means more caring about your health and body and thus more fitness! Yay!


Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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