Many of us heard of “Freshmen 15” which is 1st-year college students gain an additional 15 pounds from the overwhelming meals on a college campus. To some it is true and to others, it is not. It all depends on how your body, mindset, and priorities are set.

Meal Plans

Image result for meal plansThe majority of freshmen have meal plans, a program where they have a certain amount of meals to eat every quarter. Freshmen typically have around 120 meals at their local dining halls per quarter. The most interesting part about the dining halls is that they are BUFFETS. That means unlimited ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and food. Some colleges will even allow you to bring a limited amount of food to take back to your dorm. This is where the fat really starts to develop. The worst part is, many freshmen do not even finish using up all their meal-swipes. Students are so busy with their classes and homework, causing some to forget to eat. Even with the plentiful amount of meal swipes to use each quarter, freshman still goes to local grocery stores to buy their snacks such as chips, ice cream, and other items the dining halls do not have.


The majority of American Universities are known to have parties. There are no parents, supervision, and plenty of people drink and do drugs all the time. At public universities, there will be parties every day. What makes student’s eating habits worse is drinking and eating at parties. A mixture of those two is ultimately unhealthy for the body. This, unfortunately, leads to developing more fat. Further developing the theory of “Freshmen 15”.


Image result for socializingIn the modern age of 21st century, every social event or gathering must have some type of food or drink. Especially at a college where everyone is your friend, students are commonly going to hang-out with their friends at night. Students will even form new friendships after class and go out for a drink or meal. The American culture of food has developed into a symbol of bonding and networking. With freshmen not knowing anyone around, the usage of food is in such demand that freshmen are bound to gain more weight.


With all the food out there at college, we are all going to miss our mommy and daddy’s cooking. Sometimes nothing tastes better than home. Home cooked meals will always have less oil and be naturally healthier. Plus, sometimes students get home-sick and would enjoy a meal with the two people who gave them life. It’s okay to gain a little weight in college, in fact, that makes people look more mature. Do not worry about the little things and focus on your academics as college is about receiving a strong education and unique experience.


Andy Xiang

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