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College introduces a lot of stress into our lives with all the money, grades, and jobs we have to balance. One thing that helps all types of people get through it is friends. Friends reduce stress and bring joy into our lives, and who doesn’t want that? However, making friends is actually quite hard in college. There are literally thousands of us and it is rare to share more than one class with someone. If you don’t know where to get started on the friend-front, I made a list of options:

Join a club

Clubs are a fantastic way to make friends. You not only are participating in something you love, but you’re surrounded by people who love it too. It’s really a win-win. There are so many options for clubs, from sports to politics, there’s something for everybody. All it takes is attending the events and meetings, and friendships will develop.

Sit next to someone

Every single time that I’m in any one of my five classes, I constantly witness just about every student that walks in sits down at the seat farthest from any one else. I think we secretly wish someone would sit next to us and start-up a conversation so that we don’t have to. It would work much easier that way. But the fact is, you may never make friends if you’re just constantly waiting for someone else to initiate. I guarantee every person in that room wishes they had a friend with them to talk to if they don’t already. Just find someone who looks rather alone or someone you notice that never seems to talk to anybody, sit by them, and spark up some conversation. An easy starting point that doesn’t come off awkward is to ask something class related, like “how’s your project coming along?”

Use social media

Social media’s purpose is to unite and connect with other people, so utilize it. There’s generally a special Facebook group for each of the current graduating classes attending said university. Click the button that asks to join the group, and post something! On the FSU Class page of 2021, I saw a girl post that she wanted to make friends and to message her if you wanted a friend too. It worked. You should just go out on a limb and post what kind of stuff you’re interested in and you might just make a friend.

Form a study group

Forming a study group is a great way to get to know the people who are a part of it with you. The initial awkward, quiet time goes away quite fast in this situation because you all have to communicate with each other in order to study and the more you talk, even if it’s about math, the more comfortable you’ll feel with each other. When you feel comfortable enough, you can suggest going out before or after the study session, maybe to get a bite to eat. This is a great way to form a wonderful study group and wonderful friends.

Join a fraternity/sorority

Fraternities and sororities are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about attending a university. They are such a prominent presence on college campuses and are talked about often. I’ve never been a part of a sorority, but I can tell these groups form lasting, incredible bonds. They treat each other like family and are there for each other when life gets tough. It is not possible that you wouldn’t make a dozen friends in one of these organizations. If that sounds great to you, maybe give the greek life a try.


Lyndsie Zimmerman

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