The Importance of Sleep in College

Time is awfully limited in college, and prioritizing sleep is crucial for success. There will be a plenty amount of opportunity to socialize with friends and classes to attend to. On top of all that, we need to sleep and eat. Plus, students may have jobs or extracurricular activities. Time is only becoming more scarce, and students need to learn where to allocate their time to become as most efficient as possible. The first one to be most concerned about is sleep.

Without sleep, we cannot function at all. There will be absolutely no motor or brain functions. As humans, we have a weakness of being completely dependent on sleep. Everyone successful person must sleep well in order to be fully aware of what he or she is learning and the environment around. There is no purpose in learning or even living if sleep is not attained.

How much Sleep do I need?

Studies have shown that people SHOULD get about 8 hours of sleep a day. However, other studies have also shown that there is no definite amount of sleep people need. Everyone has a different amount of sleep time they need to function. Some only need 4 hours while others may need 10. Everyone is different and the requirements for sleep will always vary. However, getting around 8 hours of sleep is a sufficient amount of live off of. 
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Lack of Adequate Sleep

Some people may think that they are able to survive off only a few hours of sleep. They fall under the misconception that they are able to walk and think, meaning that perhaps 3 hours of sleep is enough. Unfortunately, those people do not realize that they are not operating at 100 percent efficiency. It is almost like they are under an illusion. Just because you can fully operate does not mean you are operating at maximum efficiency.

How Do I Sleep Well?

  1. -Sleep in a quiet place. If you have loud siblings or roommates, then wear headphones. Every person needs a silent and safe place to sleep in.
  2. -Do not wake-up in the middle of the night. Aim for a straight 8 hours of sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night will ruin your sleep cycle. As a result, hormones and nutrition will not be released. 
  3. -Get Comfortable Bed Sheets. I always spend at least $200 on my bed. You do not want to wake-up with a sore back or any other types of body pain. You want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized to start the day

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Stage 4 of Sleeping

This is the most important stage of sleep. Hormones, air, and nutrition are all be released and entered. You are in the heaviest mode of sleep and the healthiest stage. There are three stages everyone has to pass in each sleep cycle, and stage 4 is eventually achieved once someone sleeps past 6 hours. The number of hours can vary as each person’s body vary. Essentially, the main purpose of sleeping is to obtain Stage 4 of sleeping, where you can grow, develop, and become a better human being.


Andy Xiang

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