Many 1st years have already settled down in their classes. They got to know their roommate’s good and bad habits, and understood this new environment around them called “college”. Now after taking into consideration of all the known factors around campus, many students are complaining about their residential halls. Thoughts such as this place are too “anti-social” or the sound is too loud. Nothing will compare the rich and luxurious living they had at home. Fortunately, there is always a petition to change room assignment for a certain fee on a college campus. However, before students make such that decision, consider the possible living situations within this article.

There are usually three or two residential halls on a campus. The first one is the most commonly known one:

The Low-Cost Party Building

This residential building is the cheapest one to live in. This is also where most of the lower-class and party people live also. The building is commonly known for people who do drugs and drink alcohol. They are always the loudest building because their parties are considered to be the best. People constantly come back late at 3 AM, sometimes making a loud ruckus, waking up all their neighbors. If you really love parties, want to save money, and definitely meet new friends, this residential building is certainly for you.

The Middle

This building is a combination of a focus on academics and social life. At some campuses, this building does not exist as it may seem too difficult to balance the loudness and silence. The people who live in there are usually the most well-rounded as they do not always focus on their academics and actually get out there to building strong relationships. There will be a lot of quiet time, which is the time to actually study and plenty of roaring music, which is it the time to party and socialize with friends. If you’re a person who only wants to party sometimes and also focus on academics, this one will probably fit you the most.

The Scholars

The residential hall is usually by the far the most expensive as there is a lot of money spent on smaller halls and better sound-proofing. These buildings sometimes only contain 7 people per hall as the others described above contain around 40 people. The significant difference calls for higher costs as space is not being maximized completely. There is a lot of focus on making the place as quiet as possible. People in here do not usually party and enjoy the quietness as all they usually want to do is study. They take their academics super seriously and mainly go to college for an education.

Whichever one you pick will turn out perfectly okay. You are all adults now and an important life lesson is to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Things will not always turn out the way you like and it is a matter of skill to shape the situation to your liking.


Andy Xiang

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