Friends that are met in college often turn into long-lasting relationship that become an important part of your life. But where do you find these new, lifelong friends? As it turns out, almost anywhere.

In line for coffee

After pulling a couple all-nighters to get that homework done, you coffee will quickly become your best friend. And, it might help you to meet your best friend! Coffee places on campus and nearby are always crowded with people. Who knows who you’ll strike up a conversation with?

its like a hug in a cup

In class, bonding over an annoying professor

Misery loves company and there’s nothing more miserable than a condescending professor that irritates you to no end. Making eye contact across the room and realizing there’s someone who’s just as annoyed as you are can be the beginning of a new friendship.

rolling eyes

Down the hall

Especially for students living in the dorms, there are possible friends around every corner. Maybe you’ll meet while borrowing their vacuum or just walking down the hallway at the same time. Sometimes the people you live with can be your worst enemies, but often it works out.

we call this room "party central"

Doing laundry

It seems like a mundane task, but more than one friendship has started in the laundry room. Some people have never done their laundry before and need help (maybe that person is you!). It can take a team of people to figure out how to do laundry (especially if the washer and dryer don’t always work) and solving problems together is a great way to make friends.

laundry is hard

Trying out something new

Without a doubt, the best place to make new friends is while trying a new activity. Whether it’s the sail-boating club, the student government, or  a game of glow-in-the-dark Ultimate Frisbee,  finding people who like the same things as you do or are just as eager to try something new is a great way to start friendships that will last a lifetime.

did we just become best friends?


Adelaide Risberg

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