Cowell triple

Freshman year of college, many people get stuck in a triple dorm room. Sharing a small living space with two other people sounds awful, but there are many good things about this living situation! Here’s a list of some benefits of living in a triple.

1. It’s cheaper!

One way to save some cash while in college is living in a triple. Even if the price difference between a double and triple is only a couple hundred, it’s still something. This could pay for textbooks or extra expenses. Save a bit of money every way you can, and it really adds up.

2. You get two built-in friends

Making friends is hard when starting fresh, but if you share a room, you already have someone to hang out with. In a triple, though, you have TWO friends! I wasn’t lonely at first because I instantly had two friends. This worked out for me especially well, because as my roommates made friends, I became friends with their friends. It’s a good way to branch out and meet other people you wouldn’t necessarily know if it weren’t for your roommates.

3. You can be confused together

This mostly applies to freshmen that are still adjusting to college life. No one really knows what’s going on when they first start college, but it makes it a little less scary when you have two other people to help you figure things out.

4. Sharing is caring

Dorm essentials like a fridge, microwave, broom, cleaning supplies, and more can be split up among you and your roomies, so you won’t have to bring everything. You have access to two other wardrobes (if they’re willing to let you borrow things) and others’ snacks if you run out. Already I’ve lent one roommate a shirt, eaten granola from another roommate, and borrowed their key when I left mine in the room. Roommates can be great resources in this sense.

5. You have your own little “family”

Living with people makes you become very close. I feel like I know my roommates better than I know some people I went to high school with. Your roommates become like siblings, and you form great connections with them. You all create a family dynamic. You split the chores like taking out the trash, say good morning and goodnight, and you’re a part of their daily lives. This might just be me, but if I don’t see my roommates all day, I start to miss them.

Not everyone gets along with their roommates, but if you do, it can be a great experience. Make the most of your situation and embrace the opportunity to become close friends with your little “family”


Sarah Plummer

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