5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Women Studies Class

It’s commonly misconstrued that Women’s Studies classes are a “waste of time” or “only a class for girls”. However, after signing up for one myself, I truly believe that everyone could benefit something from taking one of these courses. And here are my reasons why:

It benefits many aspects of other majors.

While it’s most likely the course will be required toward a Women’s Studies major, it will also contribute to the education of many other majors. For instance, the study of social groups, specifically targeted groups and the history of how society has been constructed is vital information for a Sociology major. Other majors like Communications, Social Justice, Gender Studies, etc. also could benefit greatly from the class. If you are undeclared and have an interest in learning about society a Women’s Studies class could easily push you in the direction of one definite major. And even if you aren’t benefiting for your SPECIFIC major, (for example, I am a Musical Theatre major) the class will still be necessary and incredibly helpful in your future function in society.

It enables the ability to be an educated member of society.

Women’s Studies is NOT just for women or any oppressed group. When there are an array of social groups in a class, the discussions will be much more awarding to everyone there because you will get numerous viewpoints and education about things that you may not know already. When you understand the lifestyle and mindsets of different individuals and social groups you don’t relate to, you are becoming less ignorant and way more educated in society.

It’s not just about women or gender.

The oppression of women and gender inequalities in society are only a small fraction of Women’s Studies courses. You’ll also dive into other topics such as race, religion, class, violence and crime, education, history of society, intersectionality, etc.  In Women’s Studies, there is a study for everyone, no matter what or who you want to learn about.

It can empower passion in you that you didn’t even know you had.

I’ve experienced first-hand numerous students getting “fired up” during different discussions when it triggers something related to your personal life and past experiences. I think this is a unique and special attribute to classes like

Women’s Studies, because when a student feels passion towards what they are learning, it will make it much more beneficial and easier to learn.

It is extremely important in this day in age.

We are at a point in history when our nation is constantly making strides as well as taking steps back towards an equal and “free” country. The more education you have on the history of society, the better you can understand why it functions the way it does now, as well as educating those around you to spread the knowledge and destroy ignorance.


Mikayla Clifford

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