College might be a difficult time in our lives: we are transitioning into adulthood. This makes it an especially stressful time for us. A time where we might start to use coffee as a mood boost and brain fuel…sometimes even too much. How do you know you probably need to lower the dosage?

1- you’re irritable and you can’t go without it

That 11 am class hits and you can’t even. Your brain is craving some. you know you want some. you know you need some. You start to get cranky unless you get some.

2- Insomnia, but not the cookies.

After all those lattes, you may start to sleep less. When sleeping starts to become a problem, and you are too alert, be careful. it might be a sign for you to consume less caffeine.

3- Anxious j-j-j-itters.

When your body has had too much caffeine, it can start to get really anxious. When you notice that your hands are shaky, that you are jittering or talking too fast , then reconsider that extra cup.

4- Gotta pee?

Too much caffeine can make you go on multiple bathroom trips per day. It can also cause dehydration, so make sure you drink lots of water to dilute the caffeine in your system.

5- The Crash

Drinking coffee will get you to a “high” at some point, where your productivity is kicking. Then, there is an inescapable crash that will make you feel low, moody and irritated. make sure to balance it out with rest instead of more caffeine.

6- Difficulty concentrating

When you start to feel that your concentration is fuzzy or that you can’t really focus on that term paper because of the coffee, try alternatives. A tea latte, ginger, or a chai also have caffeine and won’t cause the same symptoms.

7-Depressed? The Caffeine Blues.

After having too much coffee, is your world colliding? is there a sense of the world being a terrible place?too much stress? Can’t function well? can’t smile? Sometimes, too much coffee can cause fluctuations in mood.  Have a green smoothie, no extra caffeine please!

8- Weight fluctuation

Consuming caffeine at first will cause your metabolism to fasten. You might notice that you are losing weight. After becoming tolerant to caffeine, you might notice some fluctuations. With too much consumption, however, you can gain weight. hydrate and eat your vegetables!

9- A Crying Wallet $$$

is your bank account crying? is your wallet sobbing? are you spending 30 bucks on caffeine a week? Lattes and cappuccinos are certainly a delicacy and not a necessity. This might be calling for some budget cutting.

10- Talk fast

The nervousness caused by caffeine can get you to talk fast with your friends, and possibly ramble sometimes about the new show you’re binge watching and did you hear about the party next week? oh yes, this paper you’re writing is not too bad.




Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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