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Many of us students have already spent an arm and a leg paying for housing and tuition. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning of our spending. There will be money spent on furniture, food, cleaning supplies, and much more. Always make sure to never spend more money than you have. Loans will burden heavily when you get out of college, so try to only buy the items essential to living comfortably.  Throughout this article, you will see where you should and will spend your money at. 

School supplies

This should be everyone’s top priority. The entire purpose to attend college is to learn of course. Professors require and recommend students to buy a lot of course materials such as textbooks, workbooks, and participation devices. These things all add up costing probably more than $500. A single textbook can cost $200, and with all online course activation codes and ebooks, your wallet will surely diminish. The first few weeks of college will surely be the most expensive time as professors will explain the things that are necessary to succeed in their class. Also note, do not buy anything until the first day of class. The professor will hopefully thoroughly explain what is required in the class.

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This is where most students spend their money on. The textbooks, food, school supplies, and almost everything is on Amazon. Plus, with a free 6-month trial for students, it is almost irresistible to say no to two-day shipping. Some people also get cleaning supplies from Amazon. Some 1st years lack a mode of efficient transportation so the residential offices will always be packed with packages. Some Days there will be over 100 packages that have to be processed by the Residential Office. Fortunately, the number of packages slowly diminish as time goes on since students have already ordered and received their necessary items. Be careful of your spending on Amazon as your amount will slowly add-up. This is where most students spend all their money. 

The Book Store

Unfortunately, Amazon will not have all the books and materials required by your professors. As a result, you are only left to go to the bookstore to buy their overpriced items. The bookstore at the beginning of the first few weeks of the quarter will be tremendously packed as you will barely be able to move through the isles. Some students are not sure if the Amazon version is correct and they just turn to the bookstore to be safe. However, if you are on a tight budget, go research to your fullest extent on the internet to buy the book at a much cheaper price. At the bookstore, you will see students eager to empty their wallets and learn. It’s truly a humorous work of art.

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Grocery Stores

Students are going to be tremendously busy at times with midterms coming up, socializing events, and classes to attend. As a result, the dining hall will not always be available for some. Many students purchase items from their local groceries stores at Ralphs or Target to buy ice cream, chips, snacks and all the other foods the dining hall does not carry. We all have our comfort food and the food we miss at home. Plus, food is always essential to humans and spending a little extra on food is okay.


Andy Xiang

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