How to manage anxiety and depression in college

Having anxiety and depression is a struggle and coming to college can cause you to feel anxiety and depression even more severely.  If you are someone like me that has to take daily medicine, then you might wanna follow these tips.

Adjusting to college is difficult with mental illnesses. You are going to a new environment with so many new people. I will be honest, my first moving in day was so terrifying, I wanted to cry. I was already having family issues and my brother just dropped me off and left me all alone. I was a little sad because I was completely alone, my roommates were not moving in for another three days! Eventually, it gets easier and you will never be alone. Just take some time to yourself and get yourself out there as best as you can. You need to realize things will become easier and you will be comfortable in a week or two.

If you take daily medicine for a mental illness, make sure you are taking it when it is needed. If I go a day without both of my anxiety medicines I get so much anxiety it is so scary. Take care of yourself as best as you can. Always remember that your health comes first over anything.

Eating well in college is honestly very hard, but sticking to a strict diet is very important. Most of the places to eat at my school are all fast food places. I buy a lot of my own food when I can but sometimes I am stuck eating junk. Eating healthier will make you feel so much better mentally and physically. Another thing you should stick to is exercising regularly. Exercising has so many great benefits including helping anxiety and depression. Whether it is a local gym or working out at home, it will help you balance out your issues.

Having a counselor to talk to is a great thing to have. I love telling a professional my problems. It is a lot easier for me to talk to a counselor rather than a friend because they are experienced in giving you advice. If talking with a friend works for you then great! You can talk to someone or write in a journal. Some people find this very helpful, I think both options are great. I usually write some of these articles a few nights a week and it helps me get some ideas out of my head and distract me from things.


Gina Emricko

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