Making Your Bed

Too many college kids struggle with making their beds. There are two sheets, but which goes on first?! Mom!!

Cleaning Your Clothes

How do we wash our clothes?! Which garments/colors go with what? Which cycle do we set the machine to? Cold, Warm, or hot? So many options. Where is mom when you need her!?

For Hugs

After a long, rough day, nothing would be more soothing than a hug from mom.

When You’re Procrastinating

We no longer have our mom to tell us to do our homework and to stop procrastinating. Learning to be productive without her guidance will be difficult at first.

When You’re Sick

Once you get sick for your first time at college, you’ll miss your mom’s help and comfort. She won’t be there to bring you soup, medicine, water, or for cuddles.

When You’re Locked Out of Your Dorm

When you were locked out of the house it was no biggie, because your mom was there to let you in easy peasy. The first time you get locked out of your dorm you’ll realize that your mom isn’t inside to let you in which will make you miss her.

When You Go to The Doctor

Insurance card? What is that and why would I have it? Chances are, the first time you’ll go to the doctor without your parents will be during college. What seemed like such an easy process growing up, going to the doctor, becomes a difficult and annoying task. You’ll wish you had your mom to call the doctor’s office, make the appointment, check you in, and provide all the necessary information.

When Eating at The Dining Hall

You’ll miss your mom’s cooking as you’re walking down the food buffet in the dining hall. The food will look nasty and will taste that way too.

When Your Life Is a Mess

Living on your own at college will make you realize how unorganized your life is without your mom’s guidance. Looks like she was helping us out when she would make us do chores!

When You Need to Vent

Whether you have a mean teacher, a difficult class, or you’re just in need of a good talk, you’ll miss your mom’s comforting presence and wish she was there to listen.

Don’t ever take your mom for granted! She loves you and only wants the best for you. Call or text her whenever you can and let her know when you miss her! 🙂



Madeline Eleanor

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