Why The University of Ottawa is the perfect university to attend after post secondary!

As we all know, time is approaching for university applications once again! It can be extremely difficult to chose between the wide variety of great schools out there. However, the university of Ottawa is the right choice, for everyone! Here are 5 reasons why uOttawa is highly recommended.

1. Clubs and organizations!

uOttawa offers students multiple occasions to try new things as well as meet new people who could in fact have a huge impact on their futures. At uOttawa you can participate in intramural leagues, social clubs, group fitness classes, varsity clubs, and so many more. These clubs help keep students active both physically and mentally, while having a blast!

2. The passion

So many teachers at uOttawa are dedicated and passionate about the subject they’re teaching.  When they’re passionate, it makes learning so much more fun and a lot easier to understand. The experiences are enriching and allows students to get more experiences and learn more regarding their field of interest.

3. The diversity

The university of Ottawa is a friendly and very welcoming environment to all! Here at uOttawa theirs no need to be embarrassed or fear being who you really are.  uOttawa is a home for gays, lesbians, trans-genders, straight, black, white, anything you name it!

4. Resources available

Ottawa is filled without many helpful and insightful resources to help you succeed. The teacher’s assistants, as well as the teachers are frequently available to help with all questions as well as offer pointers. The campus happens to have a humongous beautiful library. Many floors are available, some for group studies and others for some independent and quiet studying! On top of all of that, theirs the CARTU which is a center designed to help students with the writing of projects and such.

5. Friendships

The campus is a full of great friendships waiting to blossom.  Theirs a wide range of different people to chose from. The campus is full of people, it can sometimes be hard to get by 😉! Just like the teachers,  the students are extremely friendly and so many of us are looking to meet some new people.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple