Current Teachers And Our Education in College

Leaving high school and starting the adult life in University or College can be hard and very different. We don’t know what to expect or what is waiting for us on campus, but what we know is that we pay a lot of money to be there.  At this point education is very important for some especially with all that money we got to pay. I don’t know for you guys but if I’m paying all this money I at least want the courses to be interesting and appealing. With that being said it shall bring us to our topic. How can teachers make education appealing to students ?

Teachers are there to teach us. I know we all know that already, but are they actually doing that ? Having the same teacher for the whole semester sometimes two times a week trust me you want them to be interesting and appealing to you. So that it dosent seem like a long class or semester.  I think that teachers have a big impact on our education because they are the one that stands in front of the class and share us their knowledge. I know not every teacher has the same way to approach students and some are better than others, but its way and the technique they could use differently to help students be more active and interested to the class.

This semester I have a cours where the first class was full, but now the class is getting empty, but when it comes to the discussion groups where we get to separate the class in little groups to meet with the assistant teachers, they are always full. What does that have to say about the teacher? One of my other teacher he so interesting and that not only my saying its from a lot of students when it comes to his course we are so exited because we know we are going to love the class.

If students find the courses boring they are going to be discouraged and that may lead probably to them quitting school or losing a lot of money or regrets. So much negativity and at the end of the day who are they blame? Isn’t going to be the teachers?

Now what are the solutions that they can take to make our education more appealing to us students. It think I developing different strategies and keeping the ones that seem to help the students. No matter the age gap we are all adults so make a connection with us. Also its 2017 a new era so keep an open mind of this new generation.



Ludmy Ulysse

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