Bad roommate

Reading stories about bad roommates can be very interesting. It always makes me feel very lucky that I have good roommates. If you saw my other blog I did “3 of the worst roommates.” Here I am with some more entertaining stories of bad roommates.

1. The Drunk Roommate

“My first night at college with my roommate had to be an interesting one, to say the least. I had just gotten moved in and was settling down for the night. My roommate is a pretty avid partier and asked if I wanted to go out with him and some people he had met the week before. Already being in my pajamas and not being much of a partier myself, I declined his offer, thankfully. I did my usual nighttime routine of watching a shit load of Netflix and then falling asleep. I get woken up around 1:30 AM with a call from my roommate. “Hey Chase, you awake?” Of course, I gave the answer most people would with “I am now, what’s up?” “Hold on,” said Mike, “Here you go, sir.” *muffled because the phone wasn’t to his face “Hello, this is Officer Smith, are you Mikes roommate?” I was like, well shit this is either gonna be a prank or real. No way he got caught. “Yea this is Mike’s roommate.” “We are going to be coming by the dorm in a couple of minutes, will you be present?” “Yes I am in the dorm, I will be there.” “Perfect” and with that, he hung up the phone. In all honesty, I was expecting to come out of my room to a group of drunk guys making fun of me for falling for the prank. Well let me tell you, I sure as hell didn’t come out to that in the slightest. I walk out to two Police Officers, My roommate, and My residential director staring at me. Because I thought it was a prank, I came out without a shirt on, I now regret this. In short, my roommate was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught by our Residential Director as he was walking back to someone’s dorm drunk. He got off without charges and just had to pay some fines and take a class. I was put in charge of his drunk ass for the night which meant I was supposed to stay up with him until he was sober. Well, I just basically said, “I am going to bed, don’t leave the dorm please.” I know, a lot of trusts to put into your someone who I met literally 12 hours ago. maybe 2 minutes later he comes barging into my room and just starts to ramble about how “It wasn’t fair” and how “I am not even that drunk.” even though, he was very drunk. I think he blew something around a .16 as a 180-pound guy. The rambling went on for around 20 minutes while I just kind of agreed and played on my phone while he did his thing. This all came to a close with him asking “Hey, can I have a girl over?” She didn’t leave until noon the next day.”

– Chase G.

2. The Slob

“My roommate last year was such a pig, her side of the room was full of moldy food and legit spiders… I didn’t mind it too much because I was only there 3 days a week but she crossed the line when she wouldn’t take the bathroom trash out and started leaving her used tampons on the bathroom counter..But she would leave 3 weeks old takeout in the fridge and it would be so smelly so we would throw it out and then she would complain to us that we keep throwing out all her food and would try and make us buy her new food.”


3. The Naked Roommate

“I had a roommate my freshman year and I got along with her very well. One night she came home super late and she was really drunk. She brought a guy with her from down the hall. Later on, they both came out naked and she was standing there having a normal conversation while she was butt naked. Meanwhile, the guy was also completely naked peeing with the door open. This was definitely one of my most awkward experiences freshman year…”

-Abby R.



Gina Emricko

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