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Many students have played sports in High School and invested thousands of hours in becoming better. Now at college, students start to wonder if it the same. Questions like “How do I play on the school team, or how do I continue playing my sport in college”. The bad news is that there will no frequent traveling to play other schools if you are full-time students. Most Universities have a completely separate department where they recruit High Schools and PAY them to play for their schools. Those athletes are usually on the top of their class and have competed at a state level. Some have even gone to nationals to compete. You may see a few around as they are extremely tall and fit. To some, they are extremely shocked to see them as their height is exceeded many others and their bodies are very well built. The good news is that you can still be heavily involved in playing your sport in college.

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Joining a Club

Almost every college campus has a club for a specific sport (i.e. Tennis Club, Basketball Club, Golf Club, Volleyball Club, and much more). For some public universities, there are over 400 different types of club organizations out there. The problem that many college students have is which club to join. The awesome perks of joining a sports team in a club are meeting new friends, competing in the ladder, and playing for fun. A sports club has almost every type of possible level of competition. They even allow complete beginners to join and get better. The levels can vary so widely from absolute beginners to state-level players. On top of all that is the variety of people. Some players have very unique form, shots, and performances. New strategies and friendships all begin to develop within the club. Be aware that some sports club have an annual fee for maintenance in supplies.

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Playing for a College

These people are usually the superiors at the school. The athletes literally get paid to play for the colleges and some even obtain a FREE education. The athletes there typically appear extremely tall. Most females, who biologically tend to be shorter than males, are taller than all the male students at campuses. You will truly be surprised at the true art of athletes the athletes bring. The male athletes have extremely built bodies and are all tall. There are no longer any short or skinny athletes like the one you see in High School. All the athletes at colleges are at the top of the tier. They are playing to represent their school’s reputation and honor.  

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Still, Don’t Play a Sport?

College may be the last opportunity to finally start on excelling at a sport. There are all sorts of programs to help beginners try out new activities and further their development. After college, social groups will be formed and most of them have a strong foundation in the sport they are playing. So if you want to stay healthy and active, now’s the chance!


Andy Xiang

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