Time warp

College for many students can be an extremely busy time. For others, it can be super laid-back. It all depends on how you use your time. For those people who solely attend college for the degree may be missing on social opportunities. There are so many new people to meet and job opportunities are everywhere. We all need to sometimes get out of our room. However, there must be a strong balance between socializing and studying. As a result, time must be used wisely.

Studying and Socializing

This essentially depends on what the person wishes to do with his or her life after college. Some people believe that making enough friends and constantly partying will get them to a degree. Students may not even be aware of the substantial effect this may have on job opportunities. Some employers may have access to previous social media, seeing the type of events you attend. Studying all the time is no good either. You will miss out on help from others and various opportunities. People can provide you strong feedback in helping you become a better person. There may be short-cuts or ways to get around problems. Even tips on doing homework or studying can come from other people. Always try to put yourself out there, but don’t overextend it. Find the proper balance.


Focusing is probably the most important aspect of using time. Some people can finish the same homework in one hour and others will complete it in three. This is a matter of how well you are focusing on your homework. Are there other distractions around you? Are you constantly checking social media? Is something else going on your mind? The difference is huge. If you can solely focus on the task you are doing, then you can complete it in the shortest amount of time possible and move on the next one easily. People who take too long on doing their homework or studying clearly are not focusing enough. Sometimes people who study with friends are only going to become distracted as conversations will always appear. The best way to get work done is to lock yourself in your room alone and remove all distractions.  

Learning how to say No

There will be plenty of friends who want to go out party and have fun. You will always be invited to parties and events; however, sometimes you cannot go. This takes an unusually high amount of responsibility and dedication to say no to having fun. You may have to wake up early the next morning or have a midterm coming up. Whatever important reason that may be, sometimes you can not always go. There will always be parties and fun, but there will not always be another chance to attend school and receive a substantial education.


This should be at everyone’s top of the list. Studying is important as that is primarily the sole reason for college. However, do not forget to occasionally have some fun. Go out with friends or grab a drink. But always try to find the perfect balance.



Andy Xiang

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