Organization is one of the key features of success. For some, it may come with ease, but for others it may be a challenge. Here are some tips you can try to help you stay organized.

Get an agenda pad!

This sounds extremely easy and obvious, but, believe it or not, many students still don’t use agendas. A lot of people rely on their memory, but memory can be faulty, especially after you’ve pulled an all nighter. Write things down and it will help you plan what assignments you need to do, and when you need to do them by.

Separate Your Work

Instead of having one notebook which you write your notes in, separate your notebooks by topic. For example, try keeping your math notes separate from your history notes. This way, when you go back to study, it will be very easy to access the information you’re looking for.



There is a feature on Apple devices called “reminders” and this is a digital way to keep up with daily tasks. Having it on your phone, makes it convenient for you to write down your tasks if you don’t have an agenda at hand.

Homework Folder

For some it may be beneficial to put all the day’s homework in one designated homework folder. This way, when it comes time to do your homework, you have everything you need to do in one place.

Sticky Notes

Many people overlook the use of sticky notes. Sticky notes are extremely useful because you can post them just about anywhere. For example, you could write a reminder to do something such as pick up your textbooks, and stick it on your dorm key, that way when you leave you’ll remember to do the task.


What helps a lot, is preparing for class the day/night before class. You can do this by checking over what is due and what is not, and this way, when you go to class, you will be on top of your game!

Here’s a link to help you take your first step in becoming organized!


Edona Dauti

Student at Fordham University in NYC!

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