Everyone likes to get out and enjoy the night life, especially college students. However, we need to keep in mind the risks of going out. Whether you plan on drinking or not, going to the bar, or even a house party, you should always be prepared in case something unexpected happens.

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My first tip of advice would be to know your limits. This is essential when you plan on drinking. Knowing how much you can handle and when to cut yourself off could have a huge impact on the rest of your night. Getting plastered may sound fun and all, but I promise the aftermath is never pretty.

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My second tip of advice would be to have a buddy system. If you’re going out never go alone. A drunk girl walking home at night is not the safest option for you. You should always plan in advance. Make sure you have a group of friends you can rely on in case something does go wrong.

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My third tip of advice would be to carry mace. I personally, have two, one on my car keys and one that I keep in my pocket (or bra). It makes me feel ten times safer knowing I have a way to protect myself in case of an emergency.

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My third tip is to watch your drink. Whether you’re at the bar or a friends house, you are never sure who is there and what their intentions are. Never lay your drink down and walk away. You should always hold your drink in your hand. When you do, hold your hand over the top of your cup. This will make it harder for someone to slip something into your drink.

Overall, my best piece of advice would to have fun, but always remember your safety first. Partying and going out with friends could make or break your entire college experience with one bad decision.


Brooke Patterson

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