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Something that may be nerve-wracking to all of us when entering college is the roommate situation. Will you get along? Are they going to help keep the space clean? Will they make you miserable for the year? Everyone wants to have a good roommate that they click with. Here are the things to look out for while choosing the right roommate for you during your college years!

1. Common Interests

Although this is not the most important quality in a roommate –believe it or not– common interests are good to have. It will give you and your roomie something to talk about, and can help break the ice during the first few weeks of living together. Ask your roommate about themselves before move-in day, and figure out if you have anything in common! It could be helpful in the long run, and even lead you two bonding over certain activities together in college!

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2. What’s their major?

Another crucial part of choosing a roommate is knowing what their major is. Maybe you could even room with someone of the same major as you. If you like to be in bed fairly early, and your roommate is a pre-med major up late doing homework most nights, this may not work for you. Finding someone in your major can help prevent opposite schedules and can also be helpful since you will be taking a lot of the same courses.Image result for dorm rooms in college desks

3. Night owl, morning person, or right in between?

Finding someone with a similar sleeping pattern as you is extremely important in college. Lack of sleep can catch up to you extremely quickly in the college setting. So, it is important that you are living with someone who won’t prevent you from functioning properly every day. Make sure that you and your roomie have similar sleep schedules, that way the person you’re living with will not effect your physical health in any way.

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Living with someone who you have just met is hard regardless of the situation. Try your best to make things work with your roomie and remember to communicate. This person could end up being one of your best friends!


Kayleigh McElroy

Hi! My name is Kayleigh McElroy and I am a student at the University of Rhode Island! Being on campus has taught me a lot about learning how to manage my time, cope with stress, and adjust to the different living conditions! I hope to supply my fellow college students with advice and comfort on all of the situations that come along with being a college student.

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