Leaving home for the first time is never an easy process. And everyone goes through it in different ways. Some feel the weight of their departure as soon as they tearfully say goodbye to their parents. For others, the ache comes in waves, when they’re lying sleepless in bed or taking a stroll around campus. No matter how it’s experienced, homesickness can be overwhelming feeling. Here are some tips to get through it.

1. Make your new living space your own.

Whether you’re living in a dorm or an off-campus apartment, take advantage of this new blank space to create your dream room. Put up posters of your favorite bands and TV shows, string up fairy light everywhere, or rock a new comforter with wacky bright colors and designs. The possibilities are endless, and the more the room feels like you, the sooner you’ll be comfortable in it.

2. Keep yourself entertained.

A good Netflix binge is a very effective way to keep your thoughts from creeping up on you. Whip out your phone or laptop and start a new feel-good show, like GLOW or Terrace House. If you’re all out of shows, move on to YouTube and check the newest uploads from your favorite Youtubers. There’s an endless array of of options for you to consume.

3. Get into school events

There’s always something going on college. School spirit days, bonfires, open mic nights, and much more. Get involved in the things going on all around you instead of focusing on the things that you said goodbye to. After all, it is your tuition that’s paying for all those events.

4. Study, study, study.

Bottom line, the reason you’re at college is to get an education. Although it’s not quite as fun as a binge watching Stranger Things, throwing yourself into your books is a good way to push feelings of nostalgia away. Who has time to think about home when you have an essay due in fifteen minutes?

5. Don’t stalk your friends through social media.

There’s a good chance some of your friends opted to go to community college or take a gap year. And there’s a good chance you’re going to feel tempted to constantly check their Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories to see what’s going on back home. Don’t do it. It’s fine to check in, but you don’t want to obsess over the things you’re missing out on. Add to your own feed and story by having fun with your newly-formed friends and roommates.

6. Remember that home will be waiting.

No matter where you go or how you change, your home is always going to be there. Everything you’re leaving behind, it’s all going to be waiting for you when you get back. So go and have yourself a great first year.


Layann Basileh

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